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Ben and Jerry’s: melting away difference is deceptive

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I was amazed and perplexed to hear this week that Ben and Jerry’s are promoting same-sex ‘marriage’ by re-naming one of their ice creams ‘Apple-y Ever After’ (featuring two men or two women on the packaging getting ‘married’) and are also partnering with homosexual rights group Stonewall.

What if a frozen yoghurt company wanted their product to be reclassified as “ice cream” on the grounds that frozen yoghurt had a lesser status than ice cream amongst customers, therefore its sales and reputation had been adversely affected?

Only when it was reclassified would frozen yoghurt be taken seriously and enjoy the same status that ice cream has had for so long.

Clearly, Ben and Jerry’s, being the ice cream innovators that they are, would object by saying that the two products are completely different and that to call frozen yoghurt ‘ice cream’ would be a category confusion. Both dairy products, yes, but sufficiently different to maintain a clear distinction between them.

We cannot simply re-label things to bear the name that we would like them to bear.

On their website, Ben and Jerry’s have framed their support for same sex marriage in terms of ‘equality’ but equality does not mean ‘to be the same in every respect’. Imagine how bland the world would be if that is what we were trying to achieve?

Difference is good and it is even better when different things come together to make an even more satisfying whole; ice cream and chocolate sauce; an orchestra creating a sound greater and more beautiful than the sum of its parts, and of course a man and a woman coming together to form a ‘one flesh’ bond, as the Bible calls it, for their mutual good, for the good of any children born, and for society as a whole.

Ben and Jerry’s are peddling the myth that this is a matter of equality; it is not. It is like calling frozen yoghurt ‘ice cream’.

It is also promoting the deception that this is about discrimination against homosexuals; it is not. The decision to pursue a homosexual lifestyle is a decision to forfeit marriage.

Furthermore, part of their justification is to say that marriage laws need to be ‘brought up to date’ with the society we live in. This is a complete non-argument; laws are not there primarily to simply reflect society’s mores and prejudices.

No, laws must be based on what is good for society and it is Jesus Christ who is able to tell us what is good for us. It is only because William Wilberforce believed in what the Bible taught about humanity that he so determinedly fought for the abolition of slavery.

Ben and Jerry’s have abused their position as a popular and successful brand to guilt-trip the population into accepting same-sex ‘marriage’ – don’t let them!

Instead, why don’t you show them what you think by buying a different brand? A sharp decline in UK sales would send a message that they could not ignore: that the British people value marriage and do not what it re-defined out of existence.



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