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The attempt to impose same-sex marriage

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We are witnessing remarkable scenes across the pond in America where a governing elite is totally out of touch with their own citizens on the question of same-sex “marriage”.

On Tuesday, voters in North Carolina approved an amendment that will write a ban on same-sex marriage into the State Constitution.

The amendment was passed by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin, making North Carolina the 30th state to legislate for such a ban.

In every state that has held a popular vote on same-sex marriage, it has been rejected.The American people do not want it.

Yet President Obama has chosen to follow the result in North Carolina with an announcement, for the first time, that he agrees with same-sex marriage. He has shown himself totally committed to advancing the homosexual rights agenda as far as he can whilst in office.

He is deeply out of touch.

UK Parallels

It is amazing how closely this situation mirrors the UK, where there is also no democratic mandate to redefine marriage.

ComRes found that 70% of people in Britain believe that marriage should remain an “exclusive commitment between a man and a woman.” More than half a million people have now signed a petition against its redefinition.

The Prime Ministers own constituents do not support his plans - a survey conducted in the run-up to last week's local elections found that three-quarters of David Cameron’s own constituents who voted for him at the last general election oppose his plans to redefine marriage.

Another poll suggests that the Government’s plans to introduce same-sex marriage could cost the Tories between eight and thirty seats at a general election.

Yet, regardless of Conservative losses last week, the Government still wants to press ahead with its plans. Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone insisted over the weekend that there would be no u-turn and that same-sex marriage would definitely be introduced before 2015.

The arrogance is extraordinary.


Why are they so committed to imposing same-sex marriage on us all?

Our leaders in the UK and the US share much in common – and this includes a 1960’s utopianism which assumes that the sexual rights agenda will make the world a better place.

They hold an unquestioned belief that human progress is tied to more “sexual liberation”. Anyone who questions this must be a bigot!

Never does it cross their minds to question any of the assumptions or thinking which sits behind the ideology of the “sexual revolution” that we have witnessed in our lifetimes.

Rotten fruit

This great “sexual experiment” has produced the most rotten fruit - an avalanche of divorces, fatherless families, sexually transmitted infections and infertility, unwanted pregnancies, abortions and post abortion traumas, the degrading of women, the breaking of social bonds, the stolen innocence of childhood, pornography addictions and the sex trade.

Same-sex marriage will continue the slide – it will mean more same-sex parenting – which will mean more children being denied either a mother or a father. It will mean more promotion of homosexuality in schools and more confused children who will be encouraged to experiment, resulting in a range of negative outcomes.

In their quest to introduce same-sex marriage, they are showing no regard for democracy, for the institution of marriage or for the families and children that have been hurt already in the “sexual revolution” of the past decades.

But the root of the problem is that political leaders in the West show absolutely no regard for the Word of God; even when, like Obama, they quote it to justify their own belief in homosexual marriage!

Our governing class has, on the whole, rejected Biblical values and exchanged them for the spirit of the age. As Paul wrote to the believers in Rome, they have “exchanged the truth about God for a lie”.

They have a human-centric world view which leads them to the conclusion that anything goes, as long as we don’t hurt each other - except not even that stands up to any scrutiny.

The time is absolutely ripe for a new grass roots movement to challenge our leaders. Are we ready? Are we willing?


Please sign the Coalition for Marriage petition here >

Please respond to the Consultation on same-sex marriage here >

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