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  • The students’ union of City University in London last night passed a motion apparently seeking to ban The Sun, Daily Mail and Express newspaper titles from the campus.

    The motion was passed at the union’s annual general meeting.

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  • LGBT charity Galop has been given almost £30,000 to identify, monitor and support victims of online hate crime.

    The charity’s project aims to encourage victims to report incidents of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

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  • It is "quite clear" that Ashers Bakery in Belfast did discriminate against a gay man by refusing to make a cake with a slogan in favour of same sex marriage, a government minister has said.

    Lord Bourne, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities, has given an exclusive interview to Premier.

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  • According the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) -- part of the Council of Europe -- the British press is to blame for increasing hate speech and racist violence. On October 4, 2016, the ECRI released a report dedicated only to Britain. 

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  • A 14-year-old girl who wanted her body to be preserved in case she could be cured in the future, won a historic legal fight shortly before her death.

    The girl, who was terminally ill with a rare cancer, was supported in her wish to be cryogenically preserved by her mother - but not by her father.

    A High Court judge ruled that the girl's mother should be allowed to decide what happened to the body.

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  • THE news that the BBC will no longer have a dedicated executive in charge of religious broadcasting is evidence that it is “failing in its responsibility to take religion seriously”, the Sandford St Martin Trust has said.

    The Trust, which advocates for religious broadcasting, said in a statement that it was “very concerned” to hear that Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s Head of Religion and Ethics, would not be replaced when he leaves shortly.

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  • Bogus crisis pregnancy agencies are set to be outlawed after the government last night committed to a major overhaul of how abortion information is regulated.

    It is the first time a government has moved to shut down crisis pregnancy agencies which give inaccurate or misleading advice. It follows an investigation by The Times that exposed a clinic run by a Catholic anti-abortion group claiming that terminations could cause breast cancer and turn women into child abusers. The Women’s Centre on Berkeley Street in Dublin is now at the centre of a gardai investigation.

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  • Churches that are theologically conservative with beliefs based on a literal interpretation of the Bible grow faster than those with a liberal orientation, according to a five-year academic study.

    “If we are talking solely about what belief system is more likely to lead to numerical growth among Protestant churches, the evidence suggests conservative Protestant theology is the clear winner,” said David Haskell, the Canadian study’s lead researcher.

    The findings contradict earlier studies undertaken in the US and the UK, which attempted to discover the underlying causes of a steep decline in church attendance in recent decades but concluded that theology was not a significant factor.

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  • Ash is an eight-year-old who was born as a boy but who now identifies as a girl, and who was also the star – this is probably the right word – of the first film in the Channel 4 documentary series Kids on the Edge (Wednesdays, 10pm). A clever girl and an extrovert, she is not, from what I could see, the kind of child who much likes to hear the word “no”. Told she wouldn’t be allowed to join a certain class in school – the one with her friends was too full – she swiftly threw a tantrum. “It’s because she’s not getting her own way,” her mother said, closing her bedroom door and retreating downstairs.

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  •  The number of ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools believed to be operating illegally in the east London borough Hackney now outstrips those which are legal, the council has suggested for the first time.

    The admission by a senior education official at a furious council meeting on Wednesday night has intensified concerns for the safety and welfare of hundreds of children who are being taught in often isolated conditions with little contact for the secular world. 

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