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  • This is a guest post by the Rev’d Dr Gavin Ashenden.

    The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham claimed in public that Salman Abedi, the man who slaughtered children in the Manchester bombing, was not a real Muslim:
    “The message that I would want to get over – and this is how the vast majority of people feel – this man was a terrorist, not a Muslim.”
    But how does Mr Burnham know that? It appeared that it simply was not true. Salman Abedi’s friends, who obviously knew him well, say that the truth was different. They describe him as a devout Muslim who had even memorised the Koran.


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  • Faith leaders must take responsibility for countering the religious justification for atrocities committed in their name, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has said.

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  • A Christian bus advertising campaign is calling for a different tone in the final days of election campaigning with Bible quotes about loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you to adorn London buses.

    Quote Jesus has won support from senior Tory MP Andrew Selous as it urges politicians to abandon the traditional adversarial approach.

    Founder and former businessman Howard Conder said: 'Jesus wasn't a politician but he won votes by calling for forgiveness, purity and a love for others.

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  • President Donald Trump signed an executive order on religious liberty this morning. The order, titled "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty," allows churches to speak about politics from the pulpit while keeping their tax-exempt status and it provides regulatory relief for ordinary Americans who don't subscribe to gender ideology or believe in same-sex "marriage."

    However, religious liberty advocates say it does not go nearly far enough.

    The Order was signed in the White House Rose Garden on the National Day of Prayer.

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  • Can we now scrap so-called sex education and all the rest of the condom-waving and pill-pushing designed to appease and spread the permissive society?

    This week we learned the amazing fact that teenage pregnancies have fallen following government cuts in spending on sex education and birth control.

    This is exactly the opposite of what the sex education maniacs predicted would happen when the cuts were made.

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  • A new poll of more than 1,000 parents conducted by YouGov on behalf of the National Union of Teachers shows that 43 per cent consider education and school funding to be "a key issue" in deciding their vote. Only health (50 per cent) and Brexit (51 per cent) outranked it.

    Of those who said they prioritised education, 83 per cent said they were "more likely to vote for a candidate who will support tackling education and school funding".

    The YouGov/NUT poll reflects recent findings from polling company, Ipsos Mori, which reported on Wednesday that education was the third most important issue for all voters after the NHS and Brexit.

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  • Core Issues Trust is an organization dedicated to promoting a Christian response to LGBT ideology, gender confusion, the sexual revolution and associated restrictions on freedom. They have just published a document which takes 'a closer look' at the influential 'Manifesto' brought out by Stonewall a few weeks ago. CIT's challenge to the LGBT lobbying organisation is produced in a format which deliberately visually mirrors that of Stonewall's document.

    CIT seeks to deconstruct Stonewall's 'Six priorities to achieve true equality'. For example, the commitment to "protect LGBT rights and improve them" really means, for example, allowing men to declare that they are women, and use women-only services. Punishing 'hate crime' means "criminalising free speech and critical debate on sexuality and gender identity." "Standing up for LGBT people abroad” really means the UK government using foreign aid as a lever to force poor countries to adopt same sex marriage."

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  • At election time, more than any other time, we expect our national broadcaster to be impartial.

    After all, it is funded by a tax on all television owners and, like all broadcasters, is subject to rules on impartiality.

    Sadly, the BBC has been far from fair in this election, demonstrating an anti-Conservative bias through the campaign, as these examples show...

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  • There is both structure and direction in God's creation, and it is being restored in Christ as all things are brought subject to his Lordship.

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  • A powerful new photo series of children born at 24 weeks or earlier, holding birth pictures of themselves, is putting a spotlight on the need to protect unborn babies at this stage of pregnancy.

    One beautiful baby girl, Callie, just celebrated her birthday, which is something denied to other children like her simply because of archaic state laws on abortion limits.

    Callie's birthday came earlier than expected as she was born at just 22 weeks. In her home state of Mississippi, up until 2014, she still could have been legally aborted at the time of her birth.

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