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  • A former ISIS sex slave urged Congress Tuesday to more aggressively fight the terror group and offered her condolences for the massacre in Orlando, saying she's not surprised by it.

    Nadia Murad, a Yazidi who escaped captivity in 2014, told the Senate Homeland Security committee that "the USA must act. We must terminate Daesh (ISIS) and all such terror."

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  • A lesbian couple featured in a BuzzFeed video on "gender non-conforming" parenting is trying to force their son to have a "queer" relationship with his gender despite his protests.

    In Buzzfeed's "I Am A Gender Non-Conforming Parent" video, Dashiell and Michelle explain how they raise their son, Atticus, as a lesbian couple with a "gender non-conforming" parent.

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  • The widow of a Falklands war combat medic will go to the high court on Wednesday in an effort to prevent the couple’s frozen embryos from being destroyed.

    Samantha Jefferies, 42, and her husband Clive were about to start fertility treatment with embryos they had created when he died suddenly in 2014 from a brain haemorrhage. He was 51 years old.

    The couple had given written consent for the embryos to be stored for 10 years. But because they only had NHS funding for two years, the Sussex Downs Fertility Centre asked them to amend the consent to two years, which has now run out.

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  • Katy Garner thought she had received a death sentence when she found a lump near her groin seven years ago.

    When tests confirmed she had secondary melonoma cancer the trainee vicar from Portsmouth said she "sank into a bit of a hole". In an interview with Christian Today, Garner, who will be ordained on July 2, praised God's faithfulness throughout her journey.

    "God walks with me. God is someone you can talk to and scream at. He is always the same. He is always faithful.

    "There have been times when I have wondered where he is because he has not felt present. But I know it's not him but me who has not let him be present," she told Christian Today.

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  • Abortion is still a difficult, contentious and even unresolved issue for some religious groups.

    The United Methodist Church provides one example of a religious group whose stand on abortion is not entirely clear. At its quadrennial convention, held in May, church delegates voted to repeal a 40-year-old resolution supporting the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and approved another resolution ending the church’s membership in a pro-abortion rights advocacy group. However, the church’s Book of Discipline (which lays out the denomination’s law and doctrine) stresses that abortion should be, in some cases, legally available.

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  • Activists have flown abortion pills into Northern Ireland using a drone to protest against the region’s ban on abortions. Pills were also despatched there by speedboat by Women on Waves, a group that delivers abortion pills to countries where they are illegal. Two women then swallowed the pills in front of a crowd. Activist Courtney Robinson, who took one of the pills, posted pictures to social media of the event.

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  • BMA members attending the influential policy-making gathering were asked, in the course of the Medical Ethics debate today (21 June) to consider two motions related to assisted suicide:

    Motion 79 (EAST MIDLANDS REGIONAL COUNCIL) That this meeting, with respect to Physician Assisted Dying, notes the recent rejection by Parliaments of efforts to overturn the law on Physician-Assisted Dying and therefore feels that it is not appropriate at this time to debate whether or not to change existing BMA policy.

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  • Just a week on from the deadliest homophobic hate crime in recent history, Channel 5 News featured an anti-LGBT campaigner – who claims schools should "promote" straight marriage to kids.

    Andrea Williams of anti-LGBT group Christian Concern was invited on Channel 5 News last night to discuss School Diversity Week – an anti-bullying initiative promoted by LGBT education charity Just Like Us.

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  • ITV has come under fire for broadcasting a TV ad for condoms alongside a ‘Love Sex’ slogan at half time in the England Euro 2016 game.

    The commercial for Durex ‘Invisible’ condoms appeared just before 9pm when millions of children were watching.

    It featured a couple in their underwear crawling towards each other across a bed before caressing.

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  • Teachers are referring five pupils per day to the government's anti-radicalisation programme in a bid to steer them away from terror, figures show.

    More than 1,000 school-aged children in the UK were referred to the Channel programme scheme amid fears of suspected extremist behaviour in the past year.

    That equates to more than five children being referred per day. In 2012 - the year that the scheme was rolled one - just nine children were referred.

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