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  • It has never been more politically fashionable, or mainstream, to be socially liberal - particularly around the subject of homosexuality.

    So little wonder the new leader of the only party in Parliament with the word "liberal" in its title, who also happens to be a Christian, faces a few questions about how his politics and faith interact.

    Appearing on Channel 4 News, Tim Farron was asked three times if he believes homosexual sex is a sin.

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  • Remember the pedestrian lights that got a LGBT makeover for Pride? They may be set to stay.

    The LGBT signs that took over the traditional green man design were put in place at 50 different pedestrian crossings, in and around the Trafalgar Square and Nelson's column area of London.

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  • Rachel Treweek, the bishop of Gloucester, has said she is highlighting the issue of body image among children to challenge perceptions that physical appearance determines self-worth.

    On Monday, Treweek – the first female bishop to sit in the House of Lords – will visit All Saints Academy in Cheltenham to talk to a group of 13- to 16-year-olds in the first of a series of school visits in her constituency to discuss the issue.

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  • A terminally ill 17-year-old has become the first minor to be helped to die in Belgium since age restrictions on euthanasia requests were removed two years ago, officials say.

    The head of the federal euthanasia commission said the teenager was "suffering unbearable physical pain".

    Belgium is the only country that allows minors of any age to choose euthanasia.

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  • A Church of Ireland cleric has slammed his own denomination for allegedly teaching traditional marriage in public but privately “turning a blind eye” to gay clergy engaging in sexual relationships.

    Rev Stephen Neill – a passionate supporter of LGBT rights in the Church of Ireland (CoI) – made the allegations in this week’s edition of the Church of Ireland Gazette.

    It is understood to be the first time such explosive claims have been made with such frankness about the inner workings of the CoI.

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  • A Cameroonian immigrant has been put on trial in Spain for the murder of six fellow occupants of a flimsy migrant boat because of their Christian religious beliefs.

    Survivors of the hellish 2014 crossing from Morocco to the southern shore of Spain described how the accused, the Muslim captain of the inflatable craft identified as Alain N. B., blamed Christian passengers for the onset of a storm and forced six men off the boat to a certain death.

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  • SVT, the Swedish equivalent of the BBC or PBS, wants children’s programmes it buys from abroad to have a good gender balance, and has therefore changed the sex of several characters - mostly animals or machines.

    Thus Jett from Korean kids’ hit Superwings - a male airplane in the original - has discovered his female side in the Swedish version. Similarly, Ted the truck in Canadian animation Trucktown has switched out a chromosome for his move over to Sweden, where she is known as Linn.

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  • I did not plan to write a blog on the ‘motherless babies’ story. I assumed that mainstream journalists would read at least some of the detail of new research that has combined sperm with non-egg cells to produce 30 mouse pups that then went on to have healthy offspring themselves, and to report the actual findings reasonably accurately.

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  • Over 100 parliamentarians from 60 countries met this week in Berlin for a series of workshops and seminars under the title, “An Embattled Right: Protecting and Promoting Freedom of Religion of Belief”.

    The second conference of this size after last year’s meeting in New York, it was organised by the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief (IPPFoRB) and hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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  • The outgoing UKIP leader has said the Archbishop of Canterbury should go because he is not prepared to "stand up for Christian values".

    Speaking to Sky News as he prepared to give his last conference speech as leader of the party, he rounded on Justin Welby, who criticised him for giving legitimacy to racism during the EU referendum campaign.

    Mr Farage accused the Archbishop of failing to do his job properly, claiming he had not adequately protected Christian values in the UK.

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