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  • Former Alliance leader David Ford has been removed from his role as an elder in his local Presbyterian Church after he spoke out for gay marriage.

    The former justice minister had held the role with Second Donegore Presbyterian Church, Dunamuggy, for nearly 30 years.

    In a statement, Mr Ford said he was being removed because the other elders refused to work with him.

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  • Writer and broadcaster, Professor Alice Roberts, has today launched an appeal to pay for the salary and work of the faith schools campaigner dedicated to opposing ‘faith’ schools and the prevalence of religious discrimination in the education system.

    The fundraising campaign comes in the wake of the Church of England’s recent announcement to open more than a hundred new schools in the next four years, while the Catholic Church has stated its intention to follow suit. For its part, the Government has proposed removing existing limits on religious discrimination in school admissions and paved the way for a whole new generation of 100% religiously selective state schools.

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  • The birth of baby mice made from artificial eggs has prompted calls for a public debate on whether the same approach should ever be offered by fertility clinics.

    Nearly a dozen rodents were born after scientists created the early-stage mouse eggs from stem cells and nurtured them in the lab until they were mature enough to fertilise with mouse sperm.

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  • No amount of tinkering with proposed euthanasia legislation in South Australia will provide adequate safeguards, warns Australian Christian Lobby acting South Australia Director Dan Flynn.

    “It is disappointing to see the focus by those sponsoring the bill to do whatever it takes to get the legislation passed, through making amendments, rather than looking at what is in the best interest of South Australians,” Mr Flynn said.

    The bill is slated for debate on Thursday.

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  • More than seven out of 10 people now support access to abortion in the North in cases of rape and incest, according to a new poll conducted for Amnesty in Northern Ireland. The poll findings were disclosed as Amnesty prepared to hand in a petition to the Northern Assembly with 45,000 signatures calling for changes to abortion legislation in Northern Ireland.

    The poll showed that 72 per cent of those polled now support the availability of abortion in cases of pregnancy through sexual crime. Two years ago, 69 per cent favoured in such cases.

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  • The Church of England is considering dropping its legal requirement to hold weekly Sunday services in churches with small and declining congregations.

    paper posted on the C of E website discloses that the “simplification task group” is considering amending clauses in canon law to relax the requirement for morning and evening prayer in every parish church every Sunday.

    The task group is part of a wide-ranging programme to modernise the church and stem its falling numbers.

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  • This weekend Planned Parenthood turned 100. As several politicians and pro-choice supporters publicly celebrated the milestone, many Christians and others committed to defending life and human dignity mourned.

    While supporters see a century of Planned Parenthood as an era of choice and physical autonomy, many of us see it as an era of death, both of unborn humans and of the consciences of millions of women and men. Many Americans cannot hear the words “Planned Parenthood” without remembering a series of videos that revealed leaders of the organization having cavalier lunch conversations about the best prices for infant body parts. And we also remember the explicit social Darwinism of Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, and her vision to create a society with fewer “undesirables”—including minorities and the disabled.

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  • In his article, “Is ‘Mindfulness’ Christian?,” (in Book ReviewsLife & Ministry 16 October 7, 2016), Ian Paul, an Anglican minister, enthusiastically reviews the booklet written by fellow Anglican cleric, Tim Stead, Mindfulness and Prayer, in the grove spirituality series. Stead devotes his booklet and much of his ministry to normalizing for Christians the Buddhist technique of spirituality, namely Mindfulness. To his own question about the Christian nature of Mindfulness, Ian Paul enthusiastically answers, “yes.”

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  • As we start another week … how about some good news as a welcome break from the headlines?

    Since 40 Days for Life started on September 28, we now have reports of 264 babies whose moms chose life at the last minute – that we know of! People are praying – and bringing a public witness of Christ’s mercy – to 367 locations in 23 countries.

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  • The morning-after pill will be made available over-the-counter and will not require a doctor's prescription, Medicines Authority chief Anthony Serracino Inglott told Times of Malta today.

    “We looked at all the recommendations made by the parliamentary committee but have decided that to ensure that there is efficacy, the contraceptive will be made available over-the-counter,” Prof. Serracino Inglott said this morning.

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