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  • JESUS was not born in a stable and was in fact born in a private home, according to the sensational claims of a leading theologian.

    Thanks to mistranslations from the original texts almost two millennia ago, the Bible has got it wrong and Christians have been misguided over the birthplace of Jesus, according to evangelical scholar Reverend Ian Paul.

    Through the thousands of years that have passed since Jesus’ time, the Bible has been through several languages, including Aramaic, the language that was spoken at the time, Latin, Greek and English.

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  • The Swedish government is poised to simplify the process of changing one's gender by scrapping the demand for a medical procedure in order for it to be legally recognized. Incidentally, the demand for gender changes is skyrocketing amid Sweden's young.

    Today, Swedish law requires transgender people to undergo medical procedures (and possibly intervention) before having their gender change legally recognized. The new law will hereby make this process less stressful and allow applicants to receive a new personal identity without medical verification.

    Swedish Health Minister Gabriel Wikström said that the new legislation is designed to improve the health of transgender people, whom he claimed to generally have poorer physical and mental health compared with the general public, the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet reported.

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  • The doctrine of atonement for sin is—or at least has been—at the center of Christian faith and practice since Jesus's earthly ministry. But in recent days, various voices have raised objections to the cross. Musician Michael Gungor called the atonement "evil" and "horrific" on Twitter, decrying a God who would mandate blood sacrifice for sin. William Paul Young, author of the 20-million-copy-selling The Shack, concurs. In his new Lies We Believe About God, Young says of Christ's death:

    Who originated the Cross?... If God did, then we worship a cosmic abuser, who in Divine Wisdom created a means to torture human beings in the most painful and abhorrent manner. Frankly, it is often this very cruel and monstrous god that the atheist refuses to acknowledge or grant credibility in any sense. And rightly so. Better no god at all, than this one.

    Don't miss this: The most popular Christian writer in our time labels the biblical God a "cosmic abuser." Ancient false teaching returns.

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  • It was once celebrated with an egg hunt in the garden and a simple Sunday roast.

    But now Easter is becoming a "second Christmas", experts say, as supermarkets have started selling Easter crackers as part of a new, expanded range of themed decorations and gifts.

    According to home gurus at Good Housekeeping magazine, house proud families' Easter efforts are getting bigger and better than in years gone by.

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  • This guidance aims to help young people understand the law on making or sharing indecent images of children.

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  • I wonder what your reaction is when you pass a street preacher. Shy away? Stop and listen? Sidle over for a discussion? Explain to your friends that this isn't 'your kind of Christianity'?

    Some have been influenced by the response of Rob Bell, one-time evangelical megastar, who criticised street preaching in his Nooma video Bullhorn Guy. Bell contended that such an approach was more likely to put people off the gospel than win them to it, and suggested that Christianity was about loving the neighbour rather than preaching at them.

    Just last week, in response to the arrest of two street preachers in Bristol, the Archdeacon of Oxford took an even more critical stance. Citing the risk of stirring up religious hatred, Ven Martin Gorick called for street preaching to be outlawed.

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  • A thanksgiving service for the life and ministry of Mike Ovey took place on Monday afternoon, 13 March, at All Souls, Langham Place, in London.

    A packed church of about 800 people joined Mike’s family, together with friends, colleagues, Oak Hill students and alumni, to pay tribute to Mike's exceptional gifts, which he offered in the service of the people of God, and to thank God for his life as a teacher, educator, and leader.

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  • Grace, 16, has been bullied for the past nine years, has moved schools twice, struggled with suicidal thoughts and taken medication for anxiety and depression.

    At one point, she says, "there was no-one to turn to in the school and I felt so low I didn't want to go on".

    According to research for BBC School Report, half of teenagers with mental wellbeing issues try to cope alone.

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  • Several students union staff are calling for pro-life posters they say are "harmful" to be taken down from a Catholic university chaplaincy building in Scotland.

    They have joined nearly 300 hundred people in signing an open letter urging the chaplaincy office to remove the images which support a Lent campaign by 40 Days for Life.

    The letter said: "While we understand the Church’s stance on reproductive issues, we feel that it is deeply inappropriate to display posters encouraging people to take action outside maternity clinics."

    Encouraging people to fast and pray for an end to abortion, the 40 Days for Life campaign is also holding vigils outside Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

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  • A Christian MP's calling for widespread change, amid suicide rates that have been deemed "unacceptable".

    Andrew Selous spoke after the Health Select Committee of MPs, which he's a part of, found there were 4,800 recorded suicides in England in 2015 - though, the group said there were probably significantly more in reality.

    The Committee said around a third of those had seen a GP before taking their own life, but they weren't referred to a mental health specialist.

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