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Christians urged to pray outside Parliament during marriage debate

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern

Press Release

For Immediate Release

14 May 2013

Christians urged to pray outside Parliament during marriage debate
Campaign group Christian Concern is calling on Christians to attend prayer gatherings outside Parliament during the Third Reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill next week.
The gatherings will take place at 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm next Monday (20 May) and Tuesday (21 May) in Old Palace Yard, opposite the Houses of Parliament.
“This will be a display of Christian compassion for our nation,” said Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern.
“Marriage is extremely special. God chose it to show the relationship between Jesus and His Bride the Church.
“Not only that but God’s pattern for marriage is the basis for human flourishing: for men, women, children and communities.
“This Bill would discard this pattern with disastrous consequences. We’re calling people to do the compassionate thing and pray together as this change is debated.
“As Christians it’s our responsibility to seek the welfare of our nation and stand for truth. We’re asking people to spread the word amongst their churches, small groups and families. We want to see as many people as possible outside Parliament when the debates are going on to demonstrate that we love Jesus and we love our country”.
At the Second Reading of the Bill in February, the Prime Minister had to rely on the votes of Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs as he failed to gain the support of the majority of his party.
Mr Cameron has come under fire from his own party, with many pointing out that his insistence on pushing the bill through cost the Conservatives votes in the recent local elections.
Several polls have shown that Conservative voters are less likely to vote Conservative again because of the Prime Minister’s plans.

For further information / interview:
Andrea Minichiello Williams - 07712 591164


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