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Hundreds of Christians gather outside Parliament for marriage prayer

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern

Press Release

For Immediate Release

20 May 2013

Hundreds of Christians gather outside Parliament for marriage prayer

Christians came together to pray outside Parliament today (20 May) as MPs debated amendments to the Government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

An estimated 300 people congregated in Old Palace Yard to pray, sing and hear addresses from Christian leaders about the importance of marriage.

Christians met for prayer during lunchtime (12-2pm) and after working hours (5-7pm). Gatherings will take place at the same time tomorrow (21 May).

Several MPs and Peers came out to show their support for the rally, as well as Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, who was one of several church leaders who attended the prayer gathering and addressed the crowds.

Recent graduates of Christian Concern’s Wilberforce Academy, a programme which seeks to equip young Christians to speak of Jesus Christ in public life, were also present.

One of the graduates, Emmanuel Boateng, said that marriage “is a beautiful thing and a sacred thing and it should not be changed. It should never ever be changed and that’s the reason why we’re standing here today”.

The gathering took on a lively feel as Christians united in voice to sing songs and hymns such as Amazing Grace.

Journalists and reporters from a number of media outlets were also present to capture the event and conduct interviews with some of the Christian leaders in attendance. Footage of the gathering was broadcast during the BBC’s 6 o’ clock news bulletin.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said: “This lively gathering sends a message to those MPs inside the House of Commons. It tells them that Christians care passionately about marriage because it is good for our country.

“Several MPs made reference in the House today to the ‘chilling effect’ that equalities legislation has had on Christians in public life. The ordinary Christian men and women who gathered here today are the kind of people who will be affected by the destruction of a common understanding of marriage.

“We’ll be back here tomorrow with the same passion and the same message. Marriage is between one man and one woman and our country’s laws should continue to reflect this. It’s good for men and women, good for children and good for society”.

Prayer gatherings will take place again tomorrow (21 May) from 12-2pm and 5-7pm at Old Palace Yard.

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For further information / interview:
Andrea Minichiello Williams – 07712 591164


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