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End of life

Lord Falconer 

A Bill to legalise assisted suicide in the UK, introduced by Labour peer Lord Falconer, will be debated by the House of Lords during its second reading on Friday 18th July.

The Bill proposes to allow doctors to supply lethal drugs to help patients end their lives, and is widely recognised as being the most serious threat to the safety of disabled, sick and elderly people in the UK.

Write to members of the House of Lords

Please write to members of the House of Lords explaining, in your own words, why our current law is crucial to protect vulnerable people, and is needed to build up a culture of care - not killing - in our nation.

For maximum impact, please write and post your letters (rather than email). If you can handwrite some of your letters, this would be even better.

Care Not Killing, a UK alliance of organisations including Christian Concern, has set up a webpage where you can request the names of three Peers to write to. The automatically generated return e-mail contains guidance on what and how to write.

To access the webpage, please click here >

Contact your MP

Please also contact your MP to express your concerns about this dangerous Bill, and to urge them to engage colleagues in the House of Lords on this issue:

  • Ask them to sign the parliamentary motion EDM 86, which opposes the Bill and expresses concern about the increasing number of deaths under assisted suicide laws adopted by Washington and Oregon (click here for more information about the motion).
  • Ask them to contact their colleagues in the House of Lords and in their party's leadership on the issue, seeking their support for the current legal position.  

For points you may wish to include in your message, please click here > 

To find your MP’s contact details, please click here >

To read the full text of Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill, click here >




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