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At Christian Concern we campaign on a wide range of issues that impact our nation. We want to raise a Christian voice of truth and hope in these areas. If you browse the topics we address you will find information, media, news stories and resources that are available for your use.


November 3rd, 2016 | Social
In the second part of his series on the life of William Wilberforce, Wilberforce Academy Director Dr. Joe Boot describes him as a "very worthy model", for our mandate of gospel transformation "of all of life, in every sphere".
November 2nd, 2016 | Abortion
The Supreme Court heard a legal challenge from a Northern Irish mother and daughter on Wednesday, who believe that they should be given access to NHS-funded abortions in England.
November 2nd, 2016 | Social
A heterosexual couple has launched the next stage of their court challenge to enter into a civil partnership.
November 2nd, 2016 | Abortion, Bioethics, Family, Social
The Department of Health has decided to roll out a new pre-natal test, despite serious concerns raised by a number of groups about how the implementation of this test will affect society.
October 25th, 2016 | Freedom of Speech, Religious Freedom
The owner of Ashers Baking Co. has spoken out against Monday's ruling, that the Christian-run bakery directly discriminated against a customer for refusing to bake a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex 'marriage'.
October 25th, 2016 | Family, Social
A seven-year-old boy has been removed from his mother’s care, after it came to light that she was forcing him to live as a girl.
October 24th, 2016 |
Islamic finance has been welcomed uncritically into the UK. Today there are over twenty lenders in the UK offering Islamic financial services.
October 23rd, 2016 | Family, Social
A Christian family fear, that unless they allow their 14-year-old daughter 'Bethany' to change her name to 'Gary', that she might be taken into Foster Care.
The government is to push ahead with its widely-criticised plans to inspect church youth groups and other youth activities.
October 21st, 2016 | Abortion
The second reading of a bill to end abortion up to birth on the grounds of disability passed its second reading in the House of Lords today.
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