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Due to the recent increase in equality legislation there has been a profound shift in UK law, resulting in homosexuality being given increasing protection as a ‘right’. Unfortunately this has led to serious consequences for Christians. Although both religious belief and homosexuality are protected to some extent under equality law, these two strands are often incompatible with one another. The law is unbalanced in this area, first within the legislation and then worsened in judicial interpretation, favouring the protection of sexual orientation over the protection of religious belief. This has led to Christians losing their jobs after refusing to compromise their beliefs at work and Christians being stopped from being foster parents. At Christian Concern we campaign for legislation that will safeguard historic Christian freedoms.


  • December 23rd, 2014
    A London couple is challenging the fact that civil partnerships are only open to same-sex couples. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld are seeking a judicial review claiming discrimination after they were told that civil partnership was not open to them.
  • September 4th, 2013
    Brendan O’Neill, editor of the online magazine Spiked, has commented on the British Humanist Association’s (BHA) agenda-driven intolerance towards faith schools in light of its recent “Free Admissions” campaign.
  • September 3rd, 2013
    The Scottish Government will fast-track its same sex ‘marriage’ bill through Parliament over the next six months, with the aim of introducing the legislation by March 2014.
  • August 9th, 2012
    The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) should be abolished as it does not contribute anything meaningful to Britain, according to a new report from independent think tank Civitas.
  • July 3rd, 2012
    The Government owned Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, and the Law Society, are both to be taken to court after they cancelled a conference which was due to discuss the redefinition of marriage.
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