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Peers may block same-sex ‘marriage’ legislation

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Over half of Conservative peers are expected to vote against the government’s same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill when it reaches the House of Lords, the Telegraph has reported.

It is also believed that dozens of Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers will vote against the Bill, potentially blocking the government’s plans to introduce same-sex ‘marriages’ by next year. 


Lord Lawson of Blaby, a Conservative peer and former chancellor, disapproved of the Bill stating: “Discrimination did exist before but it was ended by the introduction of civil partnerships.

“I was perfectly happy with that, but what we have now is a question of the redefinition of marriage. I do not believe the case for that has been made.”


Other Conservative peers opposed to the Bill include former home secretary Lord Waddington, former deputy leader of the House of Commons Baron Cormack and the former Lord Chancellor, Lord Mackay.

One Tory whip in the Lords said: “I expect more than half of Conservative whips will vote against. I think many of the old guard of Labour peers will do the same. Liberal Democrats peers may also do so and who knows what we will see with the cross-benchers.

“It would have been better for Mr Cameron if he had tried to push this through a year or two ago - before Lords’ developed a taste for rebelling.”


Some peers argue that the proposals are a ‘distraction’ from other issues such as the economic crisis, whilst others are opposed to the Bill on religious grounds.

One Conservative peer said: “The Prime Minister has just decided on a whim that this is necessary.

“The public were assured by the Labour government that civil partnerships would not slip into gay marriage. But there you are: don’t put your faith in politicians.”

Over half of Conservative MPs who voted on the Bill voted against it, causing embarrassment for the Prime Minister, who had to rely on the votes of Labour and the Liberal Democrats to see it pass.


The Telegraph

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