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Judge refuses application for Sarah Mbuyi's case to be heard in private

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An application was made today (2nd March) by Sarah Mbuyi’s former employer for her case to be heard in private with no media or public presence. However, the application was refused at 3pm this afternoon, with the Judge ruling that the case will be heard in open court.

Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre said: “This application sought to shut down open justice in this case and was a highly concerning development. If this application had succeeded, it would have had serious ramifications for other matters of this kind where expressing biblical views on sexual ethics is viewed as misconduct. 

"Extraordinarily, the Judge has asked Counsel in the case whether evidence will be given regarding the percentage of Christians who hold an orthodox biblical view on sexual ethics.

"Increasingly, we are being put to proof on what the bible says about once clearly accepted truths. This should be a warning to the Church to make her voice heard on these matters and to make a clear clarion call.” 


Keep up to date with Sarah’s case here.


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