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The influence of radical Islam is growing in the UK and as an ideology it seeks to shape our political and social landscape. From the introduction of Sharia law and Islamic finance to the implications on freedom of speech and women’s rights, the presence of Islamism in the UK has great repercussions for all of us. At Christian Concern we hope to bring awareness of the impact that this may have on the UK and offer a Christian response.


  • December 2nd, 2016
    In this piece, Tim Dieppe comments on a new poll of British Muslims, which highlights a lack of support for Islamic finance in the Muslim community.
  • November 25th, 2016
    A number of British landmarks were floodlit in red this past Wednesday, to honour and acknowledge those who are suffering persecution for their faith around the world.
  • November 23rd, 2016
    Tim Dieppe reflects on Justin Welby’s call for people to stop saying that ISIS has "nothing to do with Islam". Tim agrees with Archbishop Welby that in order to defeat ISIS we must deal with the ideology driving their actions. Tim is Director of Islamic Affairs at Christian Concern.
  • November 18th, 2016
    In this piece, Christian Concern's Islamic Affairs Director Tim Dieppe discusses a House of Lords debate this week, on an amendment that would require religious marriages to be registered.
  • November 11th, 2016
    Ofsted is uncovering disturbing teaching in Islamic schools. But it is also exposing a frustrating laxity in dealing with the problems and stopping them happening in the first place. Christian Concern's Islamic Affairs Director, Tim Dieppe, reports.
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