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Application for “mega mosque” thrown out by council

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An application to build the proposed “mega mosque” in Stratford, London, has been rejected by Newham Council.

The mosque, proposed by fundamentalist group Tablighi Jamaat, would have been three times the size of St Paul’s Cathedral and located very close to the Olympic Park.

The plans included a prayer hall for around 7,500 men and a separate facility for about 2,000 women.

Approximately 3,000 supporters gathered outside the hearing at the council’s town hall, with many holding signs saying: “15 years of waiting. Not a day more. Vote yes to the Riverine Centre.”


But the mega mosque, known as the Abbey Mills Mosque or the Riverine Centre, was rejected by councillors following a recommendation by Newham Council officers.

A spokesman for the council said last night: “Councillors have considered this application at length and with great care before deciding to reject it.

“There are...concerns about the size of the proposed buildings and impact on parking and traffic in the local area”.


Alan Craig, campaign director of the MegaMosqueNoThankscampaign criticised the proposals saying: “The sheer size of the mosque betrays the ambition and arrogance of Tablighi Jamaat.

“Their religious ideology is divisive and hostile to non-Muslims, and there is certainly no local demand for something of this magnitude”.

Tablighi Jamaat, which has been attempting to build the mosque for over 10 years, has been accused of radicalising young Muslims and has been operating in Britain since 1944.

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Alan Craig, who headed up the Mega Mosque No Thanks campaign, has written about Tablighi Jamat. Read his conclusions about the group >

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