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At Christian Concern we campaign on a wide range of issues that impact our nation. We want to raise a Christian voice of truth and hope in these areas. If you browse the topics we address you will find information, media, news stories and resources that are available for your use.


January 27th, 2015 | Education
Two Christian schools in the North East of England are considering legal action against Ofsted after being downgraded by inspectors.
January 27th, 2015 | Education, Sexual Orientation, Social
TV personality Alan Titchmarsh has denounced a professor at Winchester University for comments he made in a lecture about sex with teenagers.
January 27th, 2015 | Abortion
Fiona Bruce MP has tabled an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill confirming that 'gender abortion' is against the law.
January 27th, 2015 | Abortion
A doctor who was filmed offering to abort a child simply because she was a girl has been ordered to appear before the Crown Court to face a criminal charge.
January 21st, 2015 | Religious Freedom
The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and Christian Concern have reached a settlement following the cancellation of Christian Concern’s conference on marriage at the Westminster conference centre.
January 21st, 2015 | End of life
Christian Concern stood with disability campaigners outside the House of Lords last Friday (16th January) to oppose Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill.
January 20th, 2015 | Employment, Religious Freedom
The case of a senior NHS occupational therapist who was disciplined for giving a Christian book to a Muslim colleague, begins in the Employment Tribunal today.
A Cabinet minister and England's highest judge have together disciplined a Christian Magistrate for saying that a child's best interests lie in being raised by both a mother and a father.
January 19th, 2015 | Bioethics
The BBC has reported calls by scientists working on DNA modification techniques, for a wider debate about the future direction, challenges and wider implications of such work.
January 8th, 2015 | Abortion
A baby born earlier than the upper time limit for abortion has left hospital and been taken home by her parents. Bella Davidson was born at 23 weeks.
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