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Religious Freedom

Britain’s Christian heritage has encouraged religious freedom and tolerance. UK and European law largely protects an individual’s right to hold and manifest religious beliefs, although this is fast being eroded. We are witnessing an increasing restriction of religious freedom in this country. Increasing numbers of Christians have been penalised for their faith in the public sphere, often due to equalities legislation and the promotion of homosexual rights. Some Christians have been threatened with disciplinary action, suspended, and even sacked for refusing to act against their consciences. At Christian Concern we vigorously resist any restrictions on freedom of speech and expression for Christians.


  • November 8th, 2014
    An opinion poll has found that nearly two in three British adults (65%) disapprove of the prospect of legal action being taken against the Christian bakers who declined to make a cake supporting same-sex 'marriage'.
  • November 5th, 2014
    The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has told a Christian bakery that it will face legal action unless it apologises for not producing a cake backing same-sex 'marriage'.
  • November 4th, 2014
    A pensioner has had his ‘opportunity to volunteer’ withdrawn by the British Red Cross because he spoke out against the redefinition of marriage. Earlier this year, Bryan Barkley, 71, held up signs outside Wakefield Cathedral reading ‘No Same Sex Marriage’ and ‘No Redefinition of Marriage’. He did so on the day that the first same-sex marriages took place in England.
  • November 3rd, 2014
    In a short article examining the question 'is it wrong for Christians to defend their rights?', American author and theologian, Kevin De Young writes: "Paul understood that to quietly accept injustice could have been simpler and perhaps even personally satisfying (Acts 5:41), but in his case (as in an increasing number of our cases), an unwillingness to defend himself would not have served the cause of the gospel."
  • October 28th, 2014
    The Court of Appeal has today ruled that a Christian worker who lost her job at Heathrow airport after spurious 'anti-Islam' complaints were made against her, has no employment protection rights. In the judgment, Lady Justice Arden said ‘I too have an uneasy feeling that the complex arrangements have the effect that the Appellant has no remedy for discrimination…’
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