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At Christian Concern we campaign on a wide range of issues that impact our nation. We want to raise a Christian voice of truth and hope in these areas. If you browse the topics we address you will find information, media, news stories and resources that are available for your use.


September 28th, 2016 | Social
A columnist for The Times has complained to the BBC after its airing of a Radio 4 interview with a 10-year-old girl who identifies as ‘gender non-binary’, and her mother.
September 27th, 2016 | Bioethics
The world's first baby to have been created using the controversial 'three-parent baby' technique has been born.
September 27th, 2016 | Bioethics
A sperm bank has introduced a mobile phone app for women to select a sperm donor of their choice to father a child, believed to be the first of its kind.
September 23rd, 2016 | Islam
In this piece, Christian Concern's Director of Islamic Affairs, Tim Dieppe, discusses news that Islamic extremism has infiltrated the police force.
September 23rd, 2016 | Abortion, Bioethics
Senior doctors attracted strong criticism this week, after suggesting that the NHS should work out the cost effectiveness of treating those with Down’s Syndrome.
September 23rd, 2016 | Not Ashamed, Social
Immamuel Opara, 31, is a Fitness Instructor and a pro-life activist. Last year was his first time at the Wilberforce Academy, this year he came as part of the members programme.
September 23rd, 2016 |
Sarah Halpin, 24, works as the Office Manager at Mosaic Church, Leeds. This year was her first time at the Wilberforce Academy.
September 23rd, 2016 |
Delegates from this year's Wilberforce Academy have written about their experience and how the week has impacted them.
September 22nd, 2016 | Education, Social
An NHS watchdog has issued advice for professionals in how to monitor 'sexting' amongst young people, which is a growing problem across the UK.
September 22nd, 2016 | Social
In this piece, Christian Concern's Communications Officer, Camilla Olim, discusses the news that a 10-year-old girl in the UK has decided to identify as 'gender non-binary' - and news that a six-year-old boy in Seattle now self-identifies as a girl.
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