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Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is being given increasing protection under equality legislation. Unfortunately this has led to serious consequences for Christians. Although both religious belief and homosexuality are protected in some ways under equality law, these two strands are often incompatible with one another. We believe that the law is unbalanced in this area, first within the legislation and then worsened in judicial interpretation, favouring the protection of sexual orientation over the protection of religious belief. This has led to Christians losing their jobs after refusing to compromise their beliefs at work, and Christians being stopped from fostering children. At Christian Concern we stand for freedom of conscience and resist legislation that would restrict historic Christian freedoms.


  • October 17th, 2014
    In his book on “Understanding Same Sex Marriage”, Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, begins “This book describes a stage in an ongoing journey towards equality” continuing, “All over the world marriage is being opened to people.” And it is this idea that the Church of England must urgently embrace and indeed celebrate same-sex “marriage” as part of the world’s “ongoing journey to equality” that drives “More Perfect Union”.
  • October 10th, 2014
    The three main parties are losing the confidence of the people. In a recent entry in his blog Douglas Carswell said: “We are governed by tiny cliques, each competing to sit on the sofa in Downing Street - and none of them much in tune with the country over which they preside.”
  • October 9th, 2014
    Conservative evangelical group, Reform, has urged its members to boycott the Church of England’s ‘facilitated conversations’ on human sexuality, saying the views of those who are committed to the Church’s official teaching have been sidelined, undermining the credibility of the process.
  • October 8th, 2014
    Over 300 signatories, including 160 priests and members of the General Synod, have signed an open letter to bishops in the Church of England asking them to “come out” and “openly acknowledge” their feelings of same-sex attraction.
  • October 3rd, 2014
    The 2018 Lambeth Conference, a ten yearly gathering of more than 600 Anglican bishops, has reportedly been cancelled for the first time in it’s history, due to divisions over homosexual clergy.
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