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MP questions Conservative Party values

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A Conservative MP has claimed that people no longer recognise the values of the Conservative Party.

Nadine Dorries MP, writing for Conservative Home, claimed that voters feel disenfranchised because the Conservative Party no longer reflects the values of ordinary voters and has become out of touch.

Addressing the Government’s controversial plan to introduce same-sex marriage by 2015, Ms Dorries wrote:

“A recent ComRes poll reported that 57% of Christians are ready to abandon the Conservative Party over the issue of gay marriage alone. Actually, 70% of the total population don’t want it either and yet, the Conservative Party felt this was a good policy to push in order to keep us in power. A policy completely out of step with the belief of the majority of the British public and many members of the gay community, but certainly one relentlessly pursued by the left-wing political gay lobby.

“The fact is that many people now look at the Conservative party and are reeling with the realisation that this modern party is one they don’t know, didn’t vote for and no longer represents their views. They don’t recognise the values, are confused by the policies and repelled by the elitism.

“70% of people describe themselves as Christian in the census and parents are clamouring to get their children into faith schools. The majority of Britons may not be active Christians, but they live their life in step with core Christian values and beliefs.

“This week I attended a meeting with a group of young, politically-motivated Christians. They were doctors, lawyers, teachers, a prison governor, students. A cross section of well-educated and thoughtful people who represent many of the views of most Britons. They wanted to know, where has the Conservative party gone? Is it ever going to come back? Uncomfortable questions for a Conservative MP."

Ms Dorries also claimed that the other main parties similarly failed to reflect the public’s values.


Her comments come amidst mounting criticism of the Government for not promoting policies which are family friendly or reflective of Britain’s Christian heritage.

The Government has failed to introduce tax breaks for married couples, despite promising to do so before the election.

The Government also recently announced that Sunday trading restrictions would be relaxed for the Olympics, with the possibility that this change would become permanent.

The Government has also attracted criticism for intervening against four Christians who have brought their cases before the European Court of Human Rights. The Government’s submission suggested that employers should be able to ban staff from wearing a cross to work, and that freedom of conscience meant that people had the ‘freedom to resign’.


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