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50 years: Abortion ABC’s

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Regan King looks at the abc's of abortion over the past 50 years and dedicates this to the memory of the 9 million and more babies who have been aborted since 1967. 

27 April marks 50 years since the Abortion Act (1967) began to be implemented. It is a sad day in our nation’s life. Here are my thoughts in commemoration of the lives lost in that time.

50 years of accessible abortion

50 years of belittling the lives of pre-born children

50 years of commodifying women and children

50 years of discriminating against thedisabled

50 years of exploiting women and excusing abortion as a ‘choice’ and a ‘woman’s right’

50 years of failing the most vulnerable in our society

50 years of gross malpractice in abortion clinics throughout Britain

50 years of harming women

50 years ofignoring evidence that abortion does harm women

50 years of justifying the unjustifiable

50 years of killing

50 years of lying to womenthat abortion is a good thing

50 years of marching and mourning for our nation’s lost children

50 years – nine million and more babies aborted.

50 years of obfuscating about abortion’s practice

50 years of potential leaders, inventors, cancer researchers, and good citizens snuffed out

50 years of quelling the words of those who dare speak out

50 years of reviling those who love life more than death

50 years of selfishness leading to shame and sadness

50 years of tears

50 years of unabashed abuse

50 years ofviolence disguised asvirtue

50 years of waste and wrong

50 years of xenophobia – hating babies as alien, foreign clumps of cells.

50 years ofyouth destroyed  

50 years of zoning out from the truth – abortion kills and doesn’t heal.

To the 9 million and more lives lost through abortion. We miss you. We mourn for you. We march for you. We continue to speak for you.


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