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End of life

At Christian Concern we believe in life, not death. There is currently sustained pressure by a minority of vocal campaigners to weaken the law on assisted suicide and change public opinion on assisted suicide and euthanasia. This would be to the detriment of the whole of society, especially the disabled and terminally ill. People who are suffering at the end of their lives need to be shown compassion and given better palliative care. At Christian Concern we vigorously defend the law relating to euthanasia and assisted suicide to ensure that the vulnerable are protected.


  • March 29th, 2017
    A man who is not terminally ill is trying to change the law to legalise assisted suicide for anyone with an incurable illness.
  • February 24th, 2017
    In this article, Kathy Gyngell, co-editor of The Conservative Woman, interviews Dr Elaine Sugden, one of the authors of Wilberforce Publications' new book, Talking About Dying.
  • February 3rd, 2017
    Doctors have created a 'brain-reading' device which allows them to communicate with patients who have 'locked-in syndrome', a condition that leaves people completely paralysed but aware and able to think.
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