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Baroness Masham fights discrimination in the womb

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Issued on behalf of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship

Press Release

For Immediate Release

25 January 2008

On Monday, 28th January, in the House of Lords, Baroness Masham will continue her courageous battle to remove discrimination against the disabled from the Abortion Act.  Currently a disabled baby can be aborted up to birth, whereas for the baby without disability the limit is set at 24 weeks gestation.

In recent years in the United Kingdom we have passed a myriad of anti discrimination measures most notably the Equality Act 2006. It is inconsistent to maintain a law which so clearly discriminates against the disabled.

It is a brave move on Lady Masham's part to seek to turn the tide on Abortion law, and expose its flaws and prejudices not least to the most vulnerable of human life - life in the womb.

We hope that many Peers will support Lady Masham on Monday for the sake of justice on behalf of the disabled.

The time has come to take a serious look at Abortion law in the United Kingdom. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill currently going through Parliament gives us this opportunity. It is not to be flinched at. Since we legalised abortion in 1967 there have been 6.8 million abortions in England and Wales - an appalling figure by any standards. Most of society believes there are too many abortions. Lady Masham's amendment is the beginning of the embryo's fight back.


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