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Britain’s Top Religious Rights Barrister warns United States not to Discriminate Against Christians - in speech on Capitol Hill

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Issued by the Christian Legal Centre

Press Release

For Immediate Release

16 November 2009

Britain’s Top Religious Rights Barrister warns United States not to Discriminate Against Christians - in speech on Capitol Hill

ONE of Britain’s top Religious Rights Barristers is to make a speech on Capitol Hill, Washington, and give a press conference to warn that the Christian foundations of the United States will be eroded in its legal system and politicians continue to ‘import’ anti-Christian legal precedents from the UK.

Paul Diamond, Standing Counsel to the Christian Legal Centre has flown out to the US at the request of US Media outlets, having professionally advised or led in numerous UK cases where new legislation has been used by employers to discriminate against Christian employees and to take faith out of the public arena.

Andrea Williams, Barrister-at-Law and Executive Director of The Christian Legal Centre, who has both lived and worked in the US said: “For some time the situation in the UK has been getting worse. But what we are seeing now is a legislative shift that threatens nothing less than the banning of Christian expression and the right to hold a conscientious moral position. Our pro-bono caseload is growing alarmingly as ordinary Christians fall foul of the new legal culture. America must take note of what is happening here in the United Kingdom. It is a solemn, but important task to be able to bring this vital message and witness to the devastation being wrought upon Christians and the Christian faith in Great Britain today.”

Mr Diamond will tell Christian lawyers in the US and church leaders there that it is vital that the American church and legal professionals take action now.

Andrea Williams continued: “On the burning question of the current radical attack on basic Christian liberties, we here are a canary in the mine. In that sense I hope that our experience on this side of the Atlantic, and the almost unbelievable cases which I will bring to America’s attention, will concentrate minds and provide a vital warning of how quickly a culture and centuries-old religious rights and freedoms can be lost.

“Christian faith in the UK is becoming a bar to office and the same could happen very soon in the United States. I hope the case studies I am bringing from Great Britain will illustrate the terrible threat this and similar moves now pose to Christians and all freedom-loving Americans.”


For further information/interview:

Andrea Minichiello Williams:  00 44 7712 591164

Paul Diamond: 00 44 7979 837714


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