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Call for ‘decisive action’ at Global Anglican Future Conference in Nairobi

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern

Press Release

For Immediate Release

19 OCTOBER 2013

Call for ‘decisive action’ at Global Anglican Future Conference in Nairobi

Christian Concern CEO and General Synod member, Andrea Williams, has spoken of her hopes for next week’s second Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) as she prepares to fly to Kenya for the event.

Over 1300 ordained and lay leaders from Anglican churches across the world will meet in Nairobi next week (21 OCT – 26 OCT), travelling from Asia, Africa, the Pacific, South America and Europe. Between them, they represent over 40 million practising Anglicans globally – a majority of the Anglican Communion, according to organisers.

In sharp contrast to assumptions common in the UK, the average Anglican is black, female, under 30, lives on 2 dollars a day and is evangelical, say organisers.

The event will consider how to protect and promote doctrinally orthodox Anglican faith within the global Communion in response to a range of challenges.

Underlining the significance of the event, Archbishop Justin Welby will meet with GAFCON leaders in Kenya this weekend, ahead of the conference opening.

The first GAFCON conference took place in Jerusalem in 2008 shortly before the ten yearly Lambeth Conference amidst continuing concern over the consecration of a non-celibate homosexual bishop (Gene Robinson) in the Episcopal Church in the United States. The event led to the birth of the global ‘Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans’.

Speaking of her hopes for the event, Mrs Williams said:

“It is a privilege to be attending this strategic event. I am looking forward to being challenged and encouraged by meeting with passionate Christians from across the globe.

“Across the Anglican Communion as a whole, doctrinal orthodoxy and genuine Christian discipleship is the norm. Sadly that reality can be obscured here in the UK in the midst of disputes within the Church of England.

“I trust that GAFCON will significantly strengthen the global network within Anglicanism that is committed to living and speaking authentically for Jesus Christ in the midst of a needy world.

“We cannot afford for the Anglican Communion to be corrupted or destroyed by the pressures of Western liberalism. Meanwhile here in the UK we need an effective Anglican coalition to ensure the protection of orthodox witness within the Church of England, so I look forward to decisive action and concrete plans emerging during GAFCON."


For further information / interview:
Andrea Minichiello Williams (Kenya)  +44 7712 591 164
Andrew Marsh (Kenya) +44 7919 354 456
Pete Norris (UK)  020 3327 1120




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