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Christian Concern For Our Nation warns that unless church ‘raises its voice’more effectively in national life, Britain’s Judeo-Christian values could be fully eroded

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Issued by Christian Concern for Our Nation

Press Release

For Immediate Release

16 July 2009

Christian Concern For Our Nation warns that unless church ‘raises its voice’more effectively in national life, Britain’s Judeo-Christian values could be fully eroded

Members of the House of Lords, MPs, denominational, business and civic leaders were told on Tuesday night that the Church must “raise our voice and stand for righteousness in our national life” if secularisation and the liberalisation of Judeo-Christian laws and values were not to be fully eroded in Britain.

Speaking at the first anniversary celebration of Christian Concern for our Nation, an organisation which in one year has grown from four to 20 staff and consultants, in order to represent the interests of Christians and to advise the growing number of Christians facing discrimination in the workplace, Andrea Minichiello Williams, barrister and founder of CCFON and the Christian Legal Centre, gave guests a stark warning.

Mrs Williams said: “It is simply impossible for us to expect our nation to flourish when our laws are drafted in a way that permits ungodliness in violation of the fundamental principles of the sanctity of life, the necessity of strong families and the freedom to preach the Gospel.”

Mrs Williams, addressing over 150 people at Inner Temple, London, hosted by Lord Mackay, former Lord Chancellor, went on: “I have a passion for our nation, for our children’s future, and I also have hope. I believe that if we, God’s people act, if we pray, if we raise our voice and stand for righteousness in our national life, and if we take the Gospel to the streets and fight for truth in the public square, then God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and even heal our land.”

Guests were shown video clips of cases supported by CLC over the past 12 months, including that of Caroline Petrie, who was the first nurse ever to be suspended from work for following the example of Florence Nightingale in seeking to cater for the spiritual needs of her patients. Six former and current clients of CLC were present at the event to give first-hand testimony of the discrimination they faced by employers when they stood up for their faith publicly, or refused to do something instructed by employers if it went against their Christian conscience, their church’s teaching and their Human Rights.

On Wednesday night, 400 supporters of CCFON and CLC from across the country packed the Regent Hall in London to meet some of the Christians they had prayed for and supported via the many CLC media and legal cases. They were also told of the battles ahead, including fresh possibilities to curtail Christian freedom of speech, and the further implications of equality laws and policies on schools, hotels and small business owners.

Mrs Williams told them: “At CLC, and its sister organisation, Christian Concern for our Nation, we long for Revival in this land. We long that every man, woman and child in this Nation will hear the hope of the Gospel message—that Jesus loves each one of us, that he died for the forgiveness of our sins and that we can be in an eternal relationship with him.

“Our message, and God’s message, is one of hope and reconciliation. Our role as Christians is to plead for the lives of our citizens, to be the watchman, and to give without counting the cost and without searching for the reward.”

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