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HFEA approve licenses to create human-animal hybrid embryos

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern for Our Nation (CCFON)

Press Release

For Immediate Release

17 January 2008

HFEA approve licenses to create human-animal hybrid embryos

CHRISTIAN Concern for our Nation has criticized the fertility watchdog, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority’s decision to grant licenses to scientists wanting to use human-animal hybrid embryos in embryonic stem cell research projects as "premature and unethical”.

Andrea Minichiello Williams of CCFON said: “The HFEA are once again showing complete contempt for the Parliamentary process by pushing forward their agenda without waiting for Parliament to reach a final decision on whether these types of experiments should be legal or not. The ethical boundary being crossed, that of not mixing human and animal, is one shared by most, and until recently accepted by both Government and the scientific community.

“It is increasingly difficult to see how the HFEA can claim independence when they are so clearly pushing forward an agenda which turns our nation into Brave New Britain, out on a limb among western democracies. If such experiments were to take place elsewhere in Europe the scientists doing them would be likely to find themselves in prison.”

The Christian Legal Centre and Comment on Reproductive Ethics are currently considering whether to bring a legal challenge against the HFEA.

For more information, call 020 7407 6157 or visit


For press and media enquiries:

Andrea Minichiello Williams 0771 259 1164; or Paul Eddy (PR) 07932 019 430


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