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Marie Stopes Own Online Survey shows 94% AGAINST legalising Abortion in Ireland

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Issued by Christian Concern For Our Nation


Press Release

For Immediate Release

12 March 2010

Marie Stopes Own Online Survey shows 94% AGAINST legalising Abortion in Ireland


AN On-Line survey conducted by the Marie Stopes ‘Reproductive Choices’ organisation -  which promotes and aids abortions - has revealed that 94% of respondents are AGAINST changes in the law to legalise Abortion in Ireland.

The organisation, in their summary of the legal situation in Ireland, states: “Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe where abortion is still illegal.  Every year thousands of Irish women who have made the decision that they are unable to continue with their pregnancy have to travel overseas, mainly to England, to get help with abortion. This can be stressful and expensive. Woman may need to hide the fact that they are pregnant and going to have an abortion from family and friends.

Woman travelling overseas for abortion, include pregnant teenagers, women who have been raped or in a violent relationship, women whose life would be at risk if they continued with their pregnancy or women whose pregnancy has a foetal abnormality. At Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices we believe that the law needs to change and modernise to meet the needs of women in Ireland who request abortion help.”

However, in just one week since the organisation asked the public their views

( on “Should abortion be legal in Ireland?, Yes or no.”, 94% said No and only six per cent said yes!

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Barrister and Director of Christian Concern For Our Nation said: “This on-line survey was brought to our attention and we were pleased that Marie Stopes was giving people the democratic opportunity to make their views known.

“No doubt if the result had been 94% of people in favour of legalising Abortion in Ireland Marie Stopes would have issued a press release and claimed support for their cause, however, the reality is the opposite. We feel the information should be in the public domain.

“The public’s view on this matter is clear. Ireland is clearly happy with the law as it stands and  it is for them to decide. In the past attempts have been made from Westminster to extend the abortion law to Ireland. This should be resisted. We hope the leadership at Marie Stopes’ will take heed of the result of this poll and allow the life-affirming people of Ireland to live in peace from political interference on this vital issue regarding the dignity of life”


For further information:

Andrea Minichiello Williams: 0771 2591164


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