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Nadia Eweida, BA Cross case, Loses Discrimination Case in Court of Appeal

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Issued by the Christian Legal Centre

Press Release

For Immediate Release

12 February 2010


Nadia Eweida, BA Cross case, Loses Discrimination Case in Court of Appeal

The Christian Legal Centre has today expressed ‘disappointment’ at the Court of Appeal’s ruling on Nadia Eweida, the British Airway’s employee who was prevented from wearing a small cross, whilst followers of other religions could wear items of religious jewellery/clothing.


The Christian Legal Centre says it is grateful to Liberty for supporting the caseThe Christian Legal Centre is now supporting the case of Chaplin v Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, on the right of Shirley Chaplin to wear a Cross.  This will now be the first test case on the right to wear a Cross.  It is listed on 29th March at Exeter Employment Tribunal.


However, CLC says it must be remembered that the same legal team from Liberty also intervened in the high-profile case against fellow Christian, Lillian Ladele—the Islington Registrar who was not given an exemption from conducting same-sex civil partnerships.


Liberty is therefore not known as a defender of Christian freedoms and many have wondered why they have become involved in this case.

Andrea Williams, Director of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “It seems that Liberty are happy to defend  what has been referred to as ‘harmless’ religion (wearing a religious item, attending a worship service) as a ‘manifestation’ of the Christian religion, but at the same time seek to punish what they deem to be ‘harmful’ religion that lays down moral principles (for example, on sexual ethics or the sanctity of life).

She continued: “CLC would ask Liberty not to falsely divide religion into the harmless and the harmful.  Liberty’s own position is that it is inappropriate for a court to determine the religious rights of individualsAccordingly, Liberty should change their position in the Ladele case and rather than seeking to punish a Christian who is expressing her beliefs, they should support that position, as they have done in this case. We now hope that Liberty will work with CLC and other groups to protect the rights of Christians not to have their consciences violated by assisting in abortions, euthanasia or same sex marriages.”


For further information/interview:

Andrea Williams (CLC): 07712591164


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