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Pilling Report – Statement from General Synod Member & Christian Concern CEO Andrea Williams

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern

Press Release

For Immediate Release

28 November 2013

Pilling Report – Statement from General Synod Member & Christian Concern CEO Andrea Williams
In light of the release of the Church of England’s publication of the Report of the House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality, Christian Concern CEO and General Synod member Andrea Williams has issued the following statement:
“The Pilling Report does not recommend any change to the Church’s official teaching and we welcome that. However, that conclusion is largely undermined by the proposal that local clergy should be able to consider blessing same sex partnerships. This double speak is as destructive as it is deceitful. It promotes yet greater division and acrimony within the Church of England rather than offering the courageous leadership that was required.
“Let’s remember that Jesus Himself spoke with clarity, explaining that marriage is between a man and a woman and understood that this is the sexual relationship that God blesses (Matthew 19, Genesis 1). If the Church of England is genuinely committed to the flourishing of humanity, then she must imitate Christ, who honoured God and His authority in the face of pressure to conform to the world’s standards. He knew that in doing this He was exercising compassion.
“The most compassionate thing for the Church of England to do is to follow Christ in this: speak clearly about marriage as the union of one man and one woman and the only proper place for sexual expression, for the good of all.”
“We commend the Bishop of Birkenhead for distancing himself from the suggestion that the biblical witness concerning homosexual behaviour is unclear or ambiguous. The majority of Christians throughout the world and throughout history are committed to orthodox biblical teaching on marriage and sexuality.”
We expect to issue further comment on the Pilling Report once its recommendations have been fully considered.

Notes for editors:

The Pilling Report is available at this link:,-family-and-sexuality-issues/human-sexuality/pilling-report.aspx
For further information / interview:
Andrea Williams – 07712 59 11 64



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