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Victory for Christian ‘Human Rights’ in the House of Lords, 25/01/10

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Issued by Christian Concern for Our Nation

Press Statement

For Immediate Release

26 January 2010

Victory for Christian ‘Human Rights’ in the House of Lords, 25/01/10

Three amendments tabled by Baroness O’Cathain were passed by the House of Lords tonight. The first amendment was voted through 216 votes to 178, the second was conceded by the Government and the third was voted through 177 votes to 172.

The Government also tried to pass an amendment which would have further restricted the freedom of Churches. The amendment was defeated by 195 votes to 174 and the law has not been narrowed any further.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, director of Christian Concern For Our Nation said: “We at CCFON are delighted with the result and are thankful to all of members of the public, churches and individual Christians you their prayers and action in writing to peers and signing the David Skinner’s No 10 Downing Street petition. We are also thankful for the many Peers, including the House of Bishops of the Church of England, who supported Baroness O’Cathain’s amendments and spoke in favour of religious freedom throughout the debate.

“Although the Government has consistently maintained that the effect of their provisions would not alter the current situation, it is the opinion of CCFON and many other Christian organisations that the proposed Governmental provisions contained within the Equality Bill would have further reduced the freedom of Churches. We are therefore grateful that the status quo has been maintained and the law has not been narrowed any further.

“This is a great day for religious liberty in the UK. We are thankful that the law has not been changed and the freedom of Churches to control their own affairs has not been restricted any further. The results show what can happen when Christians pray and take action. Let us be encouraged that even in an increasingly secular society, the voice of the Church can still be heard.”


For further information:

Andrea Minichiello-Williams: 07712 591164


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