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Wilberforce Publications

Titles from our publishing house, Wilberforce Publications, can be bought using the links below.

The Mission of God

The Mission of God - Rev. Dr Joe Boot

‘The Mission of God gives us the theological framework to understand our times; to show us what God intends and what He's doing in the world today.’ – Andrea Minichiello Williams

‘This book is not for the timid or diffident souls who want, at best, a Sunday go-to-meetin’ Christianity that makes no demands on their self-centered life. but if you long to please God, and wish to see him pleased, not just in the church house, but also the school house, the state house, the courthouse, the movie house, and the art house, this book will show you the way. ’ – Dr P. Andrew Sandlin

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Christians in the Firing Line

Christians in the Firing Line - Dr Richard Scott

Christians in the Firing Line examines the cases of thirteen people who have been warned, backlisted, suspended or dismissed for refusing to compromise their biblical principles in the face of officialdom seemingly hell-bent on bowing down to the “god” of political correctness and secularism.

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Not the Same God

Not the Same God - Sam Solomon with Atif Debs

The Qur’an claims that Allah and the God of the Bible is one and the same. In this book Solomon and Debs draw on Qur’anic scholarship to present a compelling case against this doctrine of ‘sameness’. The characteristics of the God of the Bible are far removed from the Allah presented in the Qur’an.

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Belief and the Nation

Belief and the Nation - John Scriven

Belief and the Nation applies Christian political philosophy to current concerns, such as: democracy; the welfare state; education; crime and punishment; questions about the beginning and end of life; the importance of the family; equality; freedom of expression; social justice; human rights; the markets and debt; globalisation, overseas aid and foreign policy. Addressing complex issues with great clarity, it is intended to stimulate wide-ranging reflection and discussion.

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Faith, Freedom and the Future

Faith, Freedom and the Future - Michael Nazir-Ali

With unique insight and wisdom, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali surveys the current challenges facing today’s church and provides a compelling hope-filled vision of what a living Christian faith, and its comprehensive outworking, can offer society today.

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Magna Carta Unravelled

Magna Carta Unravelled - The Case for Christian Freedoms Today

Magna Carta Unravelled is an invaluable resource, offering penetrating insights from a variety of perspectives for those seeking a thoughtful approach to issues of freedom in our nation today. Authors include: Baroness Cox, Professor Roger Trigg, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Barrister Paul Diamond, Philip Quenby, John Scriven, Rev. Lynda Rose and Robert S. Harris.

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The Marriage Files

The Marriage Files - Patricia Morgan

In a work of serious scholarship, The Marriage Files explores the state of the conjugal family and the sociological ramifications in the aftermath of ‘equal marriage’. Less than a year after clearing the Commons in July 2013 the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 came into effect. But how did such a monumental decision to redefine the essence of marriage slip by so effortlessly, and what is the fate of marriage?

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Other books and booklets from Christian Concern

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Forsaken Booklet

Forsaken (booklet)

A book of testimonies of women's experiences of abortion

£4.50 including P&P

The Mosque and its Role in Society

The Mosque and its Role in Society (booklet)
Belteshazzar & Abednego

The best introduction to the Islamic agenda
(40 pages)

£3.50 including P&P

Panorama of Islam

Panorama of Islam (Third edition)
ed. Tim Townsend

A prayer guide for the Islamic world

£3.50 including P&P

The Truth about A Common Word

The Truth about A Common Word
by Sam Solomon and Elyias Al Maqdisi

Ideal for Christian leaders—a revelation of the Islamic thinking behind the Muslim initiative entitled ‘A Common Word Between us and You’

£3.50 including P&P

A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding

A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding
by Sam Solomon

A challenge to Muslims to sign up to peace
(29 pages)

£3.50 including P&P


Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration
Accepting freedom or imposing Islam?
by Sam Solomon and Elyias Al Maqdisi

£6.50 including P&P


Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity and the Jews
What are the sources of enmity that justify Jihad?
by Sam Solomon and Elias Al-Maqdisi

£9.00 including P&P


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