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Take action: Contact the PM about Christian freedoms

The Prime Minister this week failed to support Christians who are being targeted for their views on sexual ethics.

Theresa May, after denying that homosexual sex is a sin, was asked whether she thought that there was an "aggressively judgemental mood being imposed on Christians".

Last week two Christian Legal Centre clients were in court after expressing what the Bible says about homosexuality. 

But Mrs May dodged the question and denied the premise by saying that party leaders should expect to be asked questions about all sorts of subjects.

Watch the clip of her interview, and read more about what she said here.

Please write to the Prime Minister to express your disappointment about her statement and the fact that she did not stand up for Christians who are losing their jobs for expressing their views on sexual ethics in the workplace. 

Please write to the Prime Minister and tell her that Christians are being targeted in public life over their biblical views on marriage. 

Please use your own words to make the following points:

  • Theresa May has abandoned God's pattern for marriage in her comments on homosexual practice
  • Christian student Felix Ngole was removed from his social work course at university after expressing the biblical truth about marriage in a Facebook discussion
  • Christian prison worker Barry Trayhorn was forced to resign after he quoted from 1 Corinthians 6 during a prison chapel service
  • In her Easter address Mrs May said that "We must continue to ensure that people feel able to speak about their faith, and that absolutely includes their faith in Christ."

Please express your disappointment that the Prime Minister has failed to defend Christians in public life. 

Write to Theresa May using this online tool:



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