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  • A Labour peer has accused the leader of Scotland's Catholic Church of misleading the public over the government's embryo research proposals.

  • A Labour MP has written to Scotland's leading Roman Catholic hoping to arrange a meeting between the Church and scientists over embryo research.

  • The government says an "accommodation" will be reached with Labour MPs opposed to a controversial bill which would allow animal-human embryos to be created for scientific research.

  • The row over government legislation that would allow scientific research into human-animal "hybrid" embryos dominates Monday's papers.

  • One of the first pledges made by Gordon Brown when he became prime minister was to restore the position of Parliament as the crucible of national debate.

  • With all the difficulties facing the Prime Minister, you'd think that he would be making every possible effort to avoid any further elephant traps. But no - having unaccountably constructed one for himself, he has not only fallen in but is refusing to haul himself out.

  • A woman who discarded male IVF embryos in an attempt to prevent a life-threatening disorder being passed on to her child is suing after giving birth to a boy.

  • This is the first time that the great festival of Easter is being separated from the early spring holiday in some parts of the country. For some it is of no consequence. There is plenty of opportunity for those who wish to celebrate the Christian festival and why should everyone else be inconvenienced by the awkwardness of the date of Easter?

  • Gordon Brown yesterday faced an unprecedented challenge to his authority as he came under new pressure to cave in over controversial embryo research legislation.

  • Gordon Brown is to allow three Catholic members of his Cabinet to vote with their "conscience" on the Government's controversial legislation on embryo research, in a highly unusual attempt to dampen down a spiralling political row.

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