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Christian Today: Why a Christian peer is trying to ban advertising for prostitutes

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The violence involved in prostitution is "horrific", a peer who is trying to ban advertising for prostitution told Christian Today.
Lord McColl of Dulwich's bill to make it illegal to advertise prostitution services will be debated in the House of Lords tomorrow. The bill is an attempt to clarify the current law. At the moment it is illegal to run a brothel or solicit sex but it is legal to advertise prostitution in newspapers or magazines.
"I don't think people realise how much violence is involved in prostitution," Lord McColl told Christian Today this afternoon.
"People just deny that violence is going on. When you say millions of men are smashing up millions of women, either physically or psychologically, they just won't believe you. I know it's going on because people have been telling me about it for years.
"People are not just using fists to beat up women either. They are beating up women with iron bars."

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