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Street preachers cleared of all charges

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Two Christian street preachers have been cleared of all charges after they were arrested in Basildon and Hereford respectively.


Rob Hughes was arrested in Basildon on 4 September last year after a confrontation with a member of the public who wrongly accused him of using homophobic and offensive language. 

Despite clear evidence to the contrary, Rob was arrested by police and held in custody for 11 hours. During this time he was interviewed, a DNA sample was taken as well as his finger prints and a mug shot.

Rob was finally released just before midnight after police said they wouldn't press charges due to insufficient evidence. 

We gave Rob legal support and he has now received £2,500 and a contribution towards his legal fees for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and breach of his human rights as part of an out-of-court settlement. 

Rob later said that without the Christian Legal Centre, “many street preachers like myself wouldn't have that help and support so I'm very grateful.”


Andrew Geuter was arrested in Hereford on 23 April this year following a complaint made by a member of the public who wrongly accused him of making homophobic comments. Having spent 5 hours in police custody, Andrew was released on conditional bail. The police later informed him that they would not take further action again due to insufficient evidence. 

Andrew has been preaching in Hereford once a week for 11 years and during this time has experienced no trouble or complaints. Speaking to Christian Concern he commented that for a man who has never even received a parking ticket the prospect of having a criminal record was ‘extremely disturbing’. 

Andrew’s wife, Caroline, who spoke to the Christian Legal Centre whilst her husband was in police custody said that, “It’s been wonderful knowing we had their support and just knowing we weren’t alone.” 

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