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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali warns of triple jeopardy to Christian freedoms

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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has warned against what he believes are the three most significant attacks on Christian freedoms in the West - aggressive secularism, radical Islamism and multiculturalism.

Speaking on Trans World Radio (TWR UK) about in his book Triple Jeopardy for the West, Bishop Nazir-Ali said:  “Writing this book really came out of my own personal experience of observing what are the three main threats to the Gospel here in Britain and in the Western world,” explained Bishop Michael.

He added: “Aggressive secularism seeks to drive the Christian worldview from the public space.  It is deeply embedded in our society.  For instance in the recent assisted dying debate, the point of departure was the kind of radical view on human autonomy the secularists promote, which is quite contrary to Christian belief about human dignity because we’re made in God’s image.

“Radical Islamism, is a comprehensive ideology of its own.  This is not about the faith of Muslims, but this is about an ideological adversary of Christianity.”

Adding that there are many ways Christians in the West should respond to the latest threats posed by the IS movement, Bishop Nazir-Ali said: “Western church leaders and other community leaders should call for an international force on the ground that guarantees the safety of certain communities in Iraq and Syria. 

“They should also apply pressure to end the civil war in Syria, which has actually brought this monster into being.  Refuge in other countries also needs to be provided for people fleeing these regions. 

“My hope is this won’t result in the Christian presence in countries like Iraq and Syria being completely eliminated."

Bishop Michael concluded: “Multiculturalism was invented by default when the Christian faith began to lose its place in public life, which has isolated communities.  It’s taken away a common story from the people of Britain and other places about their national life.”

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