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A New Season for CCFON Begins - 1st July 2008 - Read More

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July 1 2008, was a historic day in the life of Christian Concern for our Nation.

From its initial growth as part of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, CCFON is now establishing itself as an independent body – complementing the work of the LCF but speaking with its own voice. Today is our first day in this new season.

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Today is a day of change when we commit to continue the work God has begun and to seek to take it to still greater prominence in the ‘Public Square’ in our Nation. Many of us are concerned about the state of our Nation – the instability in our social order, the breakdown of the traditional family unit and assault on historic values.  This has arisen because we have abandoned God’s laws which are good for all mankind.

In abandoning God’s laws for a just and fair society we have seen the weakening of the rule of law and the rise of discrimination dressed up as equality. We call upon Christians everywhere to stand with us in the effort to win back our country for Christ.

At CCFON we want to continue to affect every aspect of public life for Christ – the law, the political system and the media. We have 4 key objectives:

  1. To develop Public Policy from a Biblical perspective
  2. To empower Christians to engage with Public  Affairs
  3. To inform the influencers such as Parliament, Media and the Church and
  4. To train and inform Christian lawyers to assist Christians.

The team at CCFON remains the same and brings together legal, media and IT professionals who work in collaboration with key Church leaders. We will also continue to support Christian interest litigation cases through the Christian Legal Centre.

But CCFON is more than the core staff – it currently represents about 30,000 Christians through its communication network. We want to see this number grow. We want the grass–roots Church to have a voice that is heard at the heart of society and that changes society to put the Hope of Christ at its centre.

We pray you will help us to grow in numbers.

We have a core staff team of 3 Legal Analysts, an IT expert, a PR Consultant, two Media Consultants, a Communications expert, a Christian Liberties Legal Consultant and a number of other strategic Advisers & Consultants who assist me.

In order to maintain and increase this staff team I am asking if you would consider setting up a monthly standing order to CCFON. Any gift from £5, £50, or still greater sums will make a huge difference to us.

We are stepping out in faith in a new way and our vision is to see repentance and revival in the United Kingdom. Without financial gifts to pay for the work this dream will not be realised.

PLEASE PRAY for our work and that membership will grow in numbers. We would love the opportunity to come to your Churches to talk about the State of our Nation.

We have NEVER made a public appeal for CCFON before, but at this critical time in its mission and ministry we thought supporters might like to show their affirmation of our work by giving a ‘Thank Offering’ and also prayerfully considering making a standing order each month to CCFON to enable the work to develop.

I would therefore ask whether in the next week you could:

a) Make an online donation via Paypal now
b) Send a ‘Thank Offering’ by cheque for whatever the Lord lays on your heart: Details
c) Set up a Standing Order from as little as £5 per month. Download form

As I say in the video, “When we have the funds we can do the work. And when we do the work, we are able to change and influence Parliament.

Please join us in this journey of faith as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission by helping the Church recover her voice and demonstrate to society God’s way to live.

‘Godliness makes a Nation Great’ Proverbs 14 v 34

Andrea Minichiello Williams
Christian Concern For Our Nation

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