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Stonewall calls for 'gender X' option on passports

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LGBT pressure group Stonewall is demanding that passports be changed to include a 'gender X option', so that people who do not identify as their birth sex do not feel uncomfortable at airport security.

It comes after last week, HSBC changed its forms to include various 'gender' options, such as Ind, short for 'individual', Mre, which is short for 'mystery' and Pr which means 'person'.

The government said it is reviewing gender options on official documents, including passports. 

'Validating' self-identified gender

Stonewall claims that many are "afraid to travel abroad" because of 'intrusive' questions at passport control.

'Tara Stone', a man who says he is a woman and a member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, told BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme:

"Some trans people find it very validating of their identity to have that gender designator. And additionally, in terms of getting access to other things in daily life, having a piece of identification that marks out your gender is actually really useful."

But Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern, said that this would be a "dangerous step".

"Introducing a ‘gender X’ option to validate an individual’s gender confusion, would effectively validate a denial of reality," she said.

"Making these kinds of changes to official documents is a dangerous step that sends a message to society that we are willing to ignore biological science in favour of political correctness.

"Only by challenging these ideas can we truly help those who are suffering with confusion about their gender."

In May 2016, an Early Day Motion to move to 'non gender-specific' passports was signed by one hundred MPs.

At the time, Norman Lamb MP, who tabled the motion, labelled those who say that gender belongs with biological sex "discriminatory and archaic".

'Gender identity'

Stonewall has created a five year plan to establish 'transgender equality', of which adding a 'gender X' option to passports is one recommendation.

Australia already introduced this in 2011.

Other recommendations by the pressure group also include changing the Equality Act to remove the terms 'transsexual' and 'gender reassignment'.

A private member’s bill to make 'gender identity' a protected characteristic under the Equality Act is due to have its second reading next month in the House of Commons.

Resources on transsexualism  

As society shifts rapidly in its attitudes towards sexuality and gender, it can leave us confused as to how to respond.

Our 'New Normal' hub compiles resources including studies, comment and personal accounts to help look at these issues from a biblical perspective.

Visit the page here

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