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Abort67 unveils new tactic to fast-track change in UK abortion landscape

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With increased attention on abortion this month, and with the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act on Friday (27 OCT), abortion advocates are keen to present their view of abortion as the status quo.

There is, however, a fast-growing grassroots movement of anti-abortion activists that is building momentum and about to make an impact like never before.

This movement is using principles from the history of social reform to expose the hidden injustice.

Public education project, Abort67, has been using this tried and tested method for the past few years; using large banners with photographs of aborted fetuses.


'Mobile graphic abortion display'

However, the group is about to launch a brand new initiative for getting these images into the public square, and says that this will be "an initiative that cannot be ignored".

It will be the biggest abortion exposure ever seen in the UK. Abort67 will be unveiling its new mobile display ‘Moving Truth’ today (WED 25 OCT). The display will inform the public as it circles Parliament Square and travels up and down Whitehall.

Today (WED 25 OCT) will see the launch of the ‘Moving Truth’ truck, along with an accompanying large static display at Parliament Square.

On Friday (FRI 27 OCT), the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act, there will be a much larger display also accompanied by the new ‘Moving Truth’ truck.

'Left unchallenged for too long'

Ruth Rawlins, Abort67 spokesperson, comments:

“Abortion advocates have been left unchallenged for too long, hiding the reality of abortion and its tragic effects on both the pre-born child and the mother.

"They are becoming increasingly aware of anti-abortion activity and have been frantically trying to shut down the voice of all those who oppose them. The call for buffer zones is just one example.

"But, they cannot shut down an image showing the outcome of their ‘service’ that savagely kills children in the womb. People can have opinions, but photographs cannot lie”



As well as changed minds, Abort67 expect to encounter opposition and possibly counter protests as they have done at previous large displays.

The organisers advise:

"If you do not wish to see the abortion images then please avoid Parliament Square, Whitehall and the surrounding area on 11:00 - 13:30 on Wednesday 25th October and 11:00 - 16:00 on Friday 27th October."

You can register and attend the display in Parliament Square on Friday 27 October here.

You can also use the hashtag #50yearsofchoice to join the conversation on social media, and watch and share this short video from Abort67 explaining their Awakening Tour.



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