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LifeFest 2018: Keep marching

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LifeFest 2018 and March for Life was held on Saturday, May 5. Regan King was present and shares some of his experiences and thoughts from the day and its primary theme 'Life from conception - no exception!'.

On Saturday, May 5, 2018 up to 4,500 people gathered in central London to participate in LifeFest 2018 and March for Life UK.


At the early morning Christian service,  Pastor Ryan King (Grace Baptist Church, Wood Green) encouraged attendees to stand up and speak up for the pre-born children who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8). This was exactly the motivating message that was needed to kickstart what was an immensely positive, and joy-filled day, celebrating the pre-born child and publicly witnessing to its value and right to life.

Throughout the morning, seminars were full, with sessions led by experts from pro-life groups, including SPUC, Abort67, LIFE, and the Alliance of Pro-life students. The Grand Hall reverberated with music performed by Melissa Hubert, The Mustard Seeds, and the Godalming Gospel Choir. There was even a bit of hip-hop, as Christian artist Faith Child performed and gave the testimony of his mother who herself rejected abortion and chose life for her now award-winning son.

From 12pm, people began to flood the Grand Hall of the Connaught Rooms and heard a series of moving speeches. One highlight was Aisling Hubert’s address. Aisling, supported by the Christian Legal Centre in her attempt to highlight sex-selective abortions, said  

“We are fighting a war… that has taken the lives of 56 million innocent children worldwide every year. Over the past 50 years we have watched as this invisible enemy has made all out war against the unborn child. We have watched this monster dehumanise, degrade, and destroy the most vulnerable members of our society…What will it take to win this war? Faith action and perseverance.”

Suitably encouraged and energised by the morning the march began. Looking through the crowds one could not help but notice the destruction of every stereotype set up by pro-abortionists. Catholics, protestants, and unbelievers alike were present. Post-abortive women marched shoulder to shoulder with life-long pro-lifers. The elderly marched beside the young and trendy. Prominent pro-life activists Bernadette Smyth, Obianuju Ekeocha, and singer Joy Villa who received much attention for her pro-life dress at this year’s Grammy Awards marched side by side with men, women, and children all under this year’s March For Life slogan “Every Life Deserves Love”.

The only thing sunnier and warmer than the beautiful weather on the day were the smiles and joy-filled faces of marchers as we celebrated life from conception with no exception.

Arriving in Parliament Square, we were greeted by a motley crew of pro-abortionists shouting angrily – one of whom even threw food at participants. But the presence of opposition did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of march participants who seemed completely unprovoked by the shouts directed their way.

As the day began to draw to a close people were moved by Rachel Mackenzie’s testimony of hope and redemption that she found after her abortions. People were inspired by Clare McCullough of Good Counsel Network and the testimony of women helped to keep their children by Good Counsel and other groups’ pro-life pavement counsellors. People were challenged by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali’s brief message and prayer.

With the final news that March for Life plans to return to London next year, people went away inspired, uplifted, and encouraged all the more to stand up and speak out for the pre-born child.

“It was an entirely positive, encouraging and a united demonstration. Don’t hesitate to come along next time!” one attendee said.

Aisling Hubert closed her speech with a clarion call to victory:

“Let us march for life today, and tomorrow keep marching: for we will see an end to abortion!”

May it be so.  

Keep marching.


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