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Pro-lifer appointed government vice chair for women

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A vocal opponent of decriminalising abortion has been appointed the new Conservative vice chair for women.

Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Lewes, who is a member of the All Party Pro-life Parliamentary Group, was appointed to the post as part of Prime Minister Theresa May’s ongoing reshuffle in the government. Regan King comments.

Twitter outrage

The move has aggravated pro-abortion lobbyists, provoking much consternation as to how anyone speaking up for the dignity and rights of women and pre-born children could possibly be an adequate representative for women in the government.

Dawn Butler, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities and Labour MP for Brent Central, took to Twitter to express her indignation at May’s appointment of Caulfield, branding it ‘appalling’ given Caulfield’s ‘stance on abortion’. Butler said: “Women deserve to have the strongest advocates at the top of politics, not people who seek to restrict their rights and freedoms.”

Ironically, Butler’s statement failed to advocate for two women – Prime Minister May and Maria Caulfield. She also revealed her preference (based solely on differing opinion), that Caulfield be restricted in her right and freedom to receive the role to which she has been appointed. Butler’s desire for unrestricted freedom to end pre-born children’s lives is not only discriminatory and unequal in its treatment of infants, it also fails to appreciate the scientifically proven trauma and suffering abortion causes women.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) similarly expressed their dismay over May’s appointment – unsurprising given their commercial interests as Britain’s largest abortion provider. In a steady stream of tweets protesting Caulfield’s appointment, BPAS attempted to destroy Caulfield’s credibility by posting a quote presumably meant to reveal her as a singularly dangerous and uncaring person. In it Caulfield simply said:

“I, and many colleagues who share my views, will not be silenced as we seek to be a voice for the voiceless, and as we argue for more modern and humane abortion law that upholds not only the dignity and rights of women but the dignity and rights of the unborn child.” 

It seems unconscionable to BPAS that anyone in favour of protecting women and pre-born children (including pre-born girls) from abortion on demand and up to birth could possible hold any high public office, let alone one that is meant to help women.

In their ill-considered attempt to mock Maria Caulfield, BPAS simply showed the world what many of us already knew. BPAS are not pro-choice - they are anti-life. For BPAS there is really only one choice they promote as worth making. Certainly there is only one choice that will provide BPAS with ongoing financial stability.

The pre-born child’s life has no value. Because it has no voice, the pre-born child has no rights and no one should act as though it does; how dare Maria Caulfield give voice to the pre-born child! Additionally, in their condemnation of Caulfield, BPAS are denouncing any reason for any woman to have joy or happiness in conceiving new life. They deny the objective fact of newly conceived life – life worth celebrating – treating pregnancy as subjectively valuable and something that can be arbitrarily disposed of.

Caulfield standing strong

The derision of Caulfield’s words indicates not only a callous indifference to the pre-born child’s living rights, but also a clear aggression towards anyone who dares to suggest such rights should be upheld. 

Caulfield has responded to criticisms reiterating her opposition to decriminalising abortion saying:

“It’s not about being anti-choice, anti-women’s-rights, anti-abortion. It’s not my place to judge any woman who wanted to have an abortion but when as a legislator I am concerned that a change in the law will adversely affect vulnerable women or babies that are female, then absolutely I have a right to speak out about this.

It’s a sad day in this country if you can’t have a different view to someone. To say that someone who has a different view cannot represent women is absolutely ridiculous.

The country has many brilliant and talented women from all walks of life. I will use my new role to help promote the fantastic work that they all do, ensuring that they get a fair chance to shine and use their talents for the benefit of all. I want to ensure that women’s rights are at the top of the agenda of the Conservative Government.”

What you can do

Give thanks to God for Maria Caulfield’s appointment to vice chair for women and for her strength in resisting anti-life opposition.

Pray that Maria will be able to use her role for much good and that more like-minded pro-life politicians will similarly stand up and speak out on behalf of vulnerable women and pre-born children.

Write Maria and congratulate her on her new role and express thanks for her boldness on behalf of pre-born children and their mothers.





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