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Guernsey should not legalise assisted suicide

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Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern comments on Guernsey's plan to vote on allowing a suicide clinic on the island. The below comments were first to the Daily Mirror

Guernsey should not make Oregon's mistake and legalise assisted suicide. Once legal we switch the foundation of good medicine from seeking to save the patient to permitting situations where the patient can be killed.
A civilised society is judged by how we treat the most vulnerable amongst us. The answer to that cannot be by creating a culture to kill. The law always gets stretched. If permitted in Guernsey we will see death tourism to the Island.
Government records document that since legalisation in Oregon there has been a 380% increase in annual numbers of people accessing assisted suicide. There have been cases where assisted suicide is offered but not life-saving treatment. The six-month left to live rule has proved laughable as some patients live for many years after being prescribed the lethal drugs.
Records show that the clear majority choosing assisted suicide cite loss of autonomy not pain. This is not a reason to kill it is a reason to care. True human dignity is in serving a person who feels this way and demonstrating their worth. We need to create a culture where people feel they are blessings not burdens.
The lessons from Oregon are clear. Guernsey should not go there.


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