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Respond to RSE Consultation

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This week, a poll showed that the UK public thinks parents are best-placed to decide when children should learn about sensitive subjects such as sexual activity and alternative family structures (e.g. same-sex couples).

But the government disagrees. The Department for Education wants to introduce Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) in all UK schools.

This means that from the age of 5 up, children across the country will be taught that all possible family structures - married couples, same-sex couples, cohabiting couples, divorced and even open/polyamorous family structures are all equally good and valid. Children will be taught about transgenderism from their earliest school years (when they're still getting used to the fact that boys and girls are different).

Under the plans, parents will not be able opt their children out of these lessons.

The Department for Education is inviting parents to respond to their plans - their call for evidence ends on 12 February.

Please make the most of this opportunity to make your views known on the government's plans.


Read our guide to responding to the call for evidence.



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