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Please say 'No' to the creation of genetically modified babies with 3+ parents

The deadline for responding to the public consultation on whether scientists should be permitted to create genetically modified babies with three or four parents is 7th December

These proposals will completely alter the way in which life is created and any genetic problems will be passed down to future generations. It's therefore vital for as many people as possible to say 'NO'.

To save time, you can simply notify the HFEA of your opposition by clicking here. You will need to register with the HFEA, then go directly to question 6 of the consultation (please don't be put off by this, the whole process will take no longer than a few minutes!).  

If you want to give a fuller response, we've prepared a set of guidelines to help you in your answers which you can find here

Please register your opposition >  

Go to guidlines for responding >

Get a Word copy of the guidelines here >
Download Christian Concern's full response here >

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