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After DPP's statement Abortion Act "not worth the paper it's written on"

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Issued on behalf of Christian Legal Centre

Press Statement

For Immediate Release

07 OCTOBER 2013

After DPP's statement Abortion Act "not worth the paper it's written on"

In response to the Director of Public Prosecutions' statement concerning sex selection abortions, CEO of Christian Legal Centre Andrea Minchiello Williams said:

"This response from the DPP shows that the Abortion Act isn't worth the paper it's written on. It allows doctors to do whatever they like 'in good faith'.

"It appears there is now no limit on what constitutes a 'mental health risk' to the mother. What if a woman wants a termination because she doesn't like the skin colour or eye colour of her child? Where do we draw the line?

"It was hard to imagine how things could get any worse after the CPS’ decision not to prosecute even though it had found enough evidence to do so. But Keir Starmer’s failure to call the CPS to account takes things to a new low.

"His refusal to right this wrong means that doctors who agree to arrange illegal sex-selective abortions get off scot free. The is a grave miscarriage of justice and is abhorrent to the vast majority of Britons.

"Since the CPS is unwilling to uphold the law and the medical profession is failing to discipline doctors we will now be pursuing legal action ourselves. At the Christian Legal Centre we will do all we can to hold the DPP and medical profession to account."

For further information / interview:

Andrea Minichiello Williams - 07712 591164


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