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Briefing at Council of Europe: Request for Referral to Grand Chamber in Chaplin & McFarlane vs UK

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Issued on behalf of Christian Legal Centre

Press Notice

For Immediate Release

22 April 2013

Briefing at Council of Europe:
Request for Referral to Grand Chamber in Chaplin & McFarlane vs UK

TIME: 13:00 - 14:00 

VENUE: Meeting Room 3, Palais de l'Europe Building / Palace of Europe Building, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

SPEAKERS (available for interview):

  • Luca Volonte (EPP)
  • Gary McFarlane (Claimant) 
  • Paul Diamond (Legal Counsel in cases of McFarlane and Chaplin)
  • Gregor Puppinck (ECLJ)
  • Paul Coleman (ADF)

A special briefing will be held on Wednesday 24 April at 13.00 -14.00 at the Council of Europe.

Members of the Press are invited to attend. Lunch will be available from 12:30.

Judgment in the cases of four UK Christians was handed down at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on Tuesday 15th January 2013.
All four cases relate to the extent of effective protection under the European Convention on Human Rights for the manifestation of Christian faith in the public sphere. Two of the cases (Chaplin and Eweida) relate to the visible wearing of a cross. The other cases (McFarlane and Ladele) relate to protection of Christian conscience in the professional arena. 
In the case of Nadia Eweida the Court found the UK in violation of Article 9 - the first time in the history of the Court. 

Although in the remaining cases the Court ruled that the decisions of the domestic courts were within the wide  'margin of appreciation', the Court held that there had been interference with the individual's
Article 9 freedom.

The cases are being carefully watched across Europe. Requests for referral to the Grand Chamber have been submitted arguing that the 'margin of appreciation' has been applied in these cases so as to render vital Article 9 protections effectively meaningless. 

For further information / interviews:

Andrea Minichiello Williams - + 44 7712 591164


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