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Buddhism in York Minster 'dishonours' Jesus Christ

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Issued by Christian Concern


News Release
For immediate release
16 May 2016

Buddhism in York Minster 'dishonours' Jesus Christ

Responding to reports that the Canon Chancellor of York Minster has organised Zen Buddhist meditation on the cathedral estate, Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern and a member of the Church of England's General Synod, has issued the following statement:

"Buddhism contrasts sharply with Christian teaching about God. The two are incompatible. To try to mix them is deceptive and dishonours Jesus Christ.

"It is remarkable that this is happening at one of the country's best known cathedrals. The Archbishop of York must take swift action. This type of confusion undermines the Church of England's current initiative to encourage Christian prayer.

"Unless there is clarity about the Christian gospel at the heart of the Church of England's call to prayer, the initiative will be counter-productive. 

"It is sobering that last year a Canon of this same cathedral blessed the city's 'Pride' march. The Church of England must take decisive action to deal with this radical agenda."




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