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Chilling Internet Drug Market nothing more than modern version of backstreet abortion says Alive and Kicking

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Chilling Internet Drug Market nothing more than modern version of backstreet abortion says Alive and Kicking

A BJOG article published today assesses the effects on 400 women who accessed abortion drugs on the Internet. Major players in this grisly market are the same group (Women on Waves) who sailed the seas offering offshore terminations in their specially equipped abortion ship.

‘When taking the life of the unborn child becomes so trivialised that women are encouraged to buy the abortion drugs through the internet and perform DIY abortions at home, we have to ask ourselves if society has descended into a complete moral void,’ said a spokesperson for the campaign group Alive and Kicking.

‘Abortion, whether by drugs or surgery, whether early or late in pregnancy, always ends a human life and this is certainly our primary reaction to this latest news.

‘But we need to focus clearly on the welfare of women as well, and note that the BJOG journal records that 11% of the women who availed themselves of the do-it-yourself abortion drugs required later medical intervention. This underlines the physical dangers to women inherent in this method. Without medical assistance, without correct appraisal of the general health of the mother (including her age), without proper confirmation of the gestational age of her developing child, it is inevitable that the tragedies will increase.

‘The other significant aspect of abortion is the effect it has on the mental health of women, which will never be addressed properly with this latest cynical development. Women facing unplanned pregnancy are particularly vulnerable, and need careful counselling, care and support. Quick-fix Internet abortion makes no provision even for reliably identifying ‘clients’, let alone addressing their psychological health or determining whether they are being coerced.

‘Some of the medical details the website does highlight are unlikely to be verified by a young girl or vulnerable impoverished woman desperately trying to hide an unwanted pregnancy. Such clients are unlikely to go for ultrasound diagnosis, be aware of the risks of ectopic pregnancy, know for sure how pregnant they are, or have any idea as to how the abortion might affect future pregnancies. Nor are they likely to have ready access to medical help should things go wrong.

‘Alive & Kicking was horrified to find through the same sources online advice to women explaining how to try and put the abortion drugs together by subterfuge. Here for example are some recommendations as to how to obtain misoprostol, a drug in mainstream medicine developed for gastric ulcer treatment and as an adjunct in rheumatoid arthritis, but which can on its own bring about abortion:

- tell the pharmacist ‘that your grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis

- try ‘the black market (places where you can also buy Marijuana)

- ask somebody else to persuade the pharmacist to provide the drug; ‘a male friend might have fewer problems’ in doing this

‘Note that the drug dosages vary considerably between the various drugs containing misoprostol (25mg, 50mg, 75mg or 200mg). Women are expected to make their own calculations as to correct usage; again unlikely when they are reacting in a crisis.

‘This is nothing more than a modern version of backstreet abortion. It is time for the pro-abortion lobby to wake up and recognize that women deserve much better than abortion, and that the only caring way forward is to come up with real solutions to unplanned pregnancy which do not involve killing the unborn child and harming the woman.’

Further information for Editors:

Alive and Kicking is seeking a substantial reduction of the 24-week upper limit for the abortion of healthy babies; an end to the discriminatory provision allowing abortion of disabled babies up to birth; and an informed consent law requiring doctors to provide comprehensive evidence-based information on the risks associated with abortion and the availability of positives alternatives for those needing help.

Alive and Kicking Alliance includes CARE, Christian Concern for our Nation, Christian Medical Fellowship, CORE, Evangelical Alliance, Guild of Catholic Doctors, Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, LIFE, Maranatha, Prolife Alliance, Real Choice, Student Life Net.

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